Ariana Anabelle "Aria" Malfoy (b.June 25th 2003) is the daughter of Draco Malfoy and Astoria Malfoy (née Greengrass).

Aria began attending Hogwarts in 2014 and was sorted into Ravenclaw. Her father, Draco who had since changed his way of thinking was just as proud of her.

Aria is quite intelligent and is second only James Potter II in her class. She was made a prefect in her 5th year and Headgirl in her 7th year alongside Headboy, James Potter II.

Aria had always admired her classmate, James Potter II, but developed a crush on him in their second year when her cousin, Tyler Nott tried to hex James, but James beat him to it and hexed him with a funny prank spell instead. This crush eventually developed into love.

In her 6th year, Aria who was in love with James had asked him out many times, but he had always turned her down as he found her arrogant, vein and conceited.

By her 7th year, she has mostly changed from her arrogant, vein and conceited nature and was considerably kinder. However, she still in love with James and holds out hope that he would one day return her feelings.

Physical Appearance

Aria is very attractive and is said to look like a live-action Barbie doll. She has lovely white-blonde hair which she gets from her father, Draco Malfoy and beautiful big blue eyes that she gets from her mother, Astoria. She also has an oval face and great skin.

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