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Arianna Hailee Whitlock
Biographical information

18 September 1976

Blood status


  • Tigrera
  • Ariadne (Achilles)

Mother Lion



Physical description





165 cm (5'1")

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • Katherine Fawley-Whitlock (Mother)†
  • Matthew Whitlock (Father)†
  • Cynthia Ruth Kurtis (Sister)
  • Henry Kurtis (Brother-in-Law)
  • Thalia Kurtis (Niece)
  • Jason David Whitlock (Brother)
  • Mary Ulysses-Whitlock(Sister-in-Law)
  • Ellen Whitlock (Niece)
  • Clemence Whitlock (Niece)
  • Fawley Family (Relatives)
  • Damian Fawley (Nephew/Second Cousin)
  • Sullivan Fawley (Nephew/Second Cousin)
  • Rosemary Fawley (Niece/Second Cousin)
  • Achilles Aurion (Husband)
  • Pyrrha Whitlock (Daughter)
  • Orpheus Whitlock (Son)
Magical characteristics





11 1/2" Pine, Phoenix Feather







  • Gryffindor
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • Whitlock Family
  • Gryffindor House
  • Hogwarts
  • House of Fawley
"You've got a beautiful name, Arianna."
—Aberforth Dumbledore when she introduced herself to him around the Second Wizarding War

Arianna Hailee Whitlock (18 September 1976) is the youngest among the Whitlock siblings. She is commonly known as "Aria" to all and "Mother Lion" to the younger years. A half-blood whose upbringing was in between magical and mundane. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1989 to 1995.


"You know, I'm still growing, right? My sister's 5'5" and my brother's 5'9". I'm bound to get taller someday."
—4'9" Aria Whitlock who only grew till 5'1"

Aria is petite and the shortest among the siblings. She's also the shortest among her group of friends. She has brown hair, contrary to the blond ones her siblings posses. Her eyes are blue and people tend to say that she and her sister look alike except for the hair.

Aria doesn't really take note of her appearance. All she does is brush her hair and she's ready for class. She has long hair that reaches past her shoulders. She wears sweaters and jeans most of the time when she's not in uniform.

Later, she chopped her hair and took into wearing halter tops and turtlenecks. Still, she was never one for dresses.


Growing up, Aria was taught to be independent by her sister. They only had each other and despite the help from the Fawley's, it was not the same. She was the youngest and was babied for this but it didn't turn her into a spoiled child. The Fawley's also valued independence and didn't spoil her. She was the eldest among the children of her cousins and was the 'older sister' with them. She is thrifty and have this chronic hatred on wasting money.

She is strong and determined, stubborn to the point of foolishness - a Gryffindor through and through. She is slightly neurotic, very organized and completely competitive. She hates losing and deemed Achilles Aurion as her rival. She would do everything so he would lose - all except cheat. She's an overachiever and everyone knows it.

She isn't as prejudiced against Slytherin as her other housemates but she still is. The only Slytherin she actually likes is her cousin but its more of a toleration of sorts. She always needs to be on top and so she hates that one Slytherin who can beat her - making her hate the house as a whole.


Early Life

Born to Katherine Fawley, the third child and only daughter of the House of Fawley, and Matthew Whitlock, a muggle Literature Professor, Aria was the youngest of the Whitlock siblings. She and her siblings have a huge age gap. Her oldest sister was older than her by 12 years and her older brother was older than her by 5 years. They weren't particularly close but after the death of their parents when she was 8 years old, they found themselves clinging to each other.

The Fawley's welcomed them to the family and supported them. They weren't blood purists and welcomed the three orphans in the family. They lived with their grandparents but they also valued independence. They weren't particularly close with the Fawley's but they had no choice by then. While Cynthia could take them and they could live on their own, they weren't sure they could have the money to feed themselves or keep the roof above their head.

They never took advantage of their grandparents' kindness. The only times they used the Fawley's vault was for their Hogwarts tuition and supplies. Otherwise, they took it from either their trust vault - thanks to their parents - or what Cynthia's salary could afford. They lived fairly well.

She and her cousins children were close. Though they were around the same age or close to it, they called her their 'Aunt'. She learnt how to be mature because she knew that the children were looking up at her as their role model.

Hogwarts Years (1989-1995)

Aria sat with her second cousin/nephew, Damian on the train ride to Hogwarts. Anxious and afraid to be parted from each other, the two clung to the other. They were certain that they would be sorted to Hufflepuff, the house all Fawley's were in. However, they weren't certain seeing as Cynthia was in Ravenclaw and their grandmother was from Slytherin. So, for the entirety of the train ride, they held onto each other. Their compartment housed only them and even during their sorting, they were reluctant to part from the other.

While Damian on the stool for more than a minute before being sorted to Slytherin, the hat didn't take long before shouting her house ("... a GRYFFINDOR through and through..."). Her brother sat on the Hufflepuff table just beside the Gryffindor's but Damian was with the Slytherin on the other side. And the older years immediately told them about the Slytherins and warned them against the house. The two were certainly separated now that they were on opposite ends of the Great Hall.

She did befriend Helena Rhys, her sweet dorm mate, and her twin, the tomboyish Hufflepuff Cassie Rhys. The loud Gideon Morgan and the aloof Hector Alexander followed suit in their group. The group were close friends and despite the differences in their personality - and how one was from a different house.

Tumblr meqwj4M2oy1r8h5m3o1 500

Aria doesn't really adore studying but that doesn't mean she won't try to beat Aurion

Aria took Ancient Runes, Care of the Magical Creatures, Divination and Arithmancy as electives but dropped Divination just as the term was finishing. Aria was applauded for being clever and a quick-thinker. She is a bibliophile and whenever she is interested in a topic, won't finish until she's got all information about it. Her friends say that she's got her own special world whenever books are involved.

Aria became a prefect but she was never the Head Girl. Her Head of the House did confide in her that she deserved the title far more than the current Head girl does. Minerva McGonagall told her during her Graduation that she was far by the best witch their year has and she shouldn't let what anyone else say otherwise.

On her seventh year, the Triwizard tournament occurred in Hogwarts. She, like many of the other seventh years, didn't put their name on the cup. She also took her cousin aside and threatened him if he were to enter his name, she'd tell their grandparents of that one incident that he did what he wasn't supposed to do.


Aria took an internship in St. Mungo's to became a Healer. It wasn't without hardship - the stress from the 12 hour shifts were hard but she later learned that it wasn't much compared to when she became fully pledged Healer. She was assigned to the fourth floor, the spell damage ward. She would visit those in the Janus Thickey Ward during her free time, often reading books for the poor people there or simply talking to them. Her aunt was a patient there from 1985 until her death during Aria's fifth year and the family would visit her often and she'd became acquainted with many of the patients there.

Tumblr inline nik5tyFBV81qm4wze

Aria helping muggleborns flee and hide

Aria was in a relationship with Achilles Aurion and while neither were part of the Order of the Phoenix or the DA, they were still part of the resistance. They opened their home to muggleborns and hid them. The Fawleys, while usually neutral, took Harry Potter's side during the war. Aria stayed in her job in St. Mungo's, saving lives and protecting the patients, and when she returns home, she does the same to those in her home.

She was part of the battle of Hogwarts, protecting the younger years who'd fled from Hogwarts. However, she left them to the protection of Aberforth Dumbledore and Helena Rhys to return to Hogwarts and fight. Achilles, when he found that Aria returned, followed her. The two were on the opposite sides of Hogwarts, with Aria fighting against her schoolyard enemy who was on Voldemort's side, Griselda Yaxley. She won against her, pushing the woman she hated but never wished dead until she stumbled and was hit by a stray killing curse.

She was later seen looking for Achilles after the battle covered in blood - some were hers but most were from patients that she'd help, patients that she couldn't save and blood from enemies. She found her young niece/cousin, Rosemary Fawley, a second year student, sleeping on the floor of the great hall, she got worried. She later found that Greyback tried to make a victim out of Rose and Neville Longbottom saved her but she tripped and passed out. While she likely has a concussion, Aria was relieved. Sullivan was also injured but he would survive. She found Damian with a broken rib from falling down a height being fixed by Madam Pomfrey. However, she hadn't found Achilles. Just as she was ready to break down, Achilles limped into the great hall with Oliver Wood carrying bodies of young victims of the war.


Tumblr n5bclsP9pJ1qb9is3o1 500dorm

Cynthia Whitlock discussing her future with her grandparents

Cynthia Whitlock-Kurtis

"Love, no one can make you be someone you don't want to be. Not unless you let them."
—Cynthia to Aria
Cynthia is her sister and 12 years older than her. After the death of their parents and the subsequent change of environment, the sisters (and brother) only had each other. Cynthia grew up too fast and was forced to be the mother to her little sister. She was caring and always gentle. Cynthia used to ignore her littlest sister but with the siblings being the only constant thing after the death of their parents, it was obvious that they would grow closer.

She and Cynthia still have Sunday brunch together and despite that Cynthia has a family of her own now, the older woman was still close to her siblings. They had a problem with Cynthia's job as an auror and how dangerous it was but they've closed the case with it when they saw how determined the older female was. Cynthia's still her biggest confidant.


Jason Whitlock, lovable and a darling heart

Jason David Whitlock

"If my baby sister is ever hurt. Just remember that our older sister is an auror who knows how to hide a body and I'm willing to be an alibi. Fair warning."
—Jason's warning to Aria's friends
Jason has always been protective of his sisters. He was the man of the house and he needed to be strong. Even though he was the middle child, he knew he had to act like the oldest. He always stood strong and acted like he nothing was wrong. He was also a proud Hufflepuff and was downtrodden when his little sister wasn't in his House. He was a 7th year when she was a first year.

He and Aria are close. They'd always been. They used to gang up on Cynthia. He went and became a curse breaker for Gringott's. He always supported Aria, even when he didn't like her choices. Like dating. Even though that he now has a family of his own and lives in his own, he still finds the time to hang with his siblings.

Damian Fawley

This fricking narcissus damian

Damian Fawley talking with the lovely (not) Cassie Rhys

"Who would love you if you don't love yourself"
—Damian on his apparent narcissism.
Damian is a year younger than his second cousin/aunt, still he is the person that Aria is most close to before Hogwarts. Even though the two were separated in two rivaling house, as soon as they are on their own or at home, they still remain close.

Damian isn't the type to befriend people. He has an abrasive personality and is too blunt for his own good. His sass and sarcasm is on the same level as Aria and all Fawley's. People say he's a narcissistic bastard, which isn't a lie. He was quite proud of it.

Damian's first priority is always Aria and likewise. She's his best friend and he is hers. It doesn't matter if they are at different house, she'd always be his choice. It doesn't matter if he'd be considered a traitor, he would always put her first. The same would be the same for her. According to him, she was even his number woman compared to his sister or anyone else.

Achilles aurion beautiful child

Achilles Aurion after Hogwarts without his scruffy look.

Achilles Aurion

"Heh. So, you're asking me to join your cause after hurting Aria like that. [...] No, you don't get to say anything. You won't even get out of this alive. [...] Who is she? Well, it's really simple. She's my wife"
—Achilles to some Syltherin Alumni after coming to him with a proposition days after an attack on Hogsmead that involved Aria

Achilles is mostly quiet but plenty smug when it comes to Aria. He always challenges Aria and always comes out on top. A Pureblood with Grecian blood, he is described as a popular one in their batch as a mysterious person.

Achilles is Aria's rival and later her lover and husband. He is a keen observer and seems to always know if something is wrong with her. He cares and cares and he will always prioritize her above all. He never put her down, only up. If she wanted something, he'd go out of his way to make sure she gets it but he never pushes her. He lets her be her own person. He lets her fight her own battle.

He and Aria are very much in love. They were said to be not too keen with too much PDA but you can see it with their eyes, their soft touches and their words. It didn't fade even after many years. They respect one and another as lovers, friends, persons and wouldn't change a thing with each other's personality.


  • Aria had a relationship with two other people before she settled down with her husband.
    • One was Hector Alexander, her best friend, and the other was Lorenzo David, a Hufflepuff her year.
  • Aria, like many others, appreciated Professor Lupin. He was fit and smart (and had a very nice arse). He was one of the young teachers they had. The other was Professor Snape and she wasn't touching that one. Not at all.
  • Aria kept her last name even after marriage.
  • Achilles was disowned by his mother after he married Aria and he took her name.
  • She never wanted to be Head Girl. The responsibilty was a burden for her. But the fact that she wasn't chosen was very disappointing and frankly insulting to her.

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