The Arcatar (High Arcadian: High Folk), also known in the common language as Arcadians, were a humanoid species native to the continent of Arcadia, where they were also the dominant species. While biologically similar to humans, the Arcatar had many obscure differences within their bodies. Despite this, they was a reproductive compatibility between the two species, with no known ill effects to the offspring of such a union.

Since the unification of the kingdoms of Aurea and Normandia under Kaladas IV, ushering the known world into the Age of Dusk, the Arcatar were ruled over by a Great King, whose seat was in the city of Arcadia, built where the border which separated the two ancient kingdoms stood.



Originally, the Arcatar were part of a group of primal spirits which inhabited the primordial chaos that was the Anuanth. The small group which would become the ancestors of the Arcatar fell under the leadership of one of the strongest spirits, following its ideology and seeking refuge in the newly formed mortal world, settling on the continents of Arcadia and Timmur. This led to them adopting mortal and humanoid shapes, introducing them first hand to the concept of mortality.

As the mortal plane became more stable, so did the forms of the proto-Arcatar, allowing for the establishment of the proper Arcatar species, which in turn started the Age of Dawn. Despite this, with the introduction of new concepts previously unknown to the Arcatar, their union quickly fell apart, and soon tribes were formed, each developing its own set of rules and traditions.


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