The Apples and Snakes trilogy follows Alice Potter, a twin sister of Harry Potter and her children. It is currently in-progress and posted on

Books in the Trilogy

Posted on are the stories:

Apples and Snakes

The first book is about Alice Potter and her journey to defeat Lord Voldemort. She unlocks powers and finds romance along the way, and understands the importance of sacrifice. There is a threat of something wicked to come in her adulthood, though...

Apples and Ravens

The second book begins the story of Ella and Jacen Emrys, the twin children of Ky Emrys and Alice Potter (now Alice Emrys, having married Ky). They make friends with muggle-borns during a Baby Boom of said muggle-borns, and find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time during an attack by the Knights of Walpurgis, the modern branch of the Death Eaters.

Ella and Jacen become caught up in the search for the Deathly Hallows, which will be used to resurrect three of the most powerful Dark magicians of all time, Lord Voldemort, Morgana LeFay, and Gellert Grindelwald. The Resurrection Crisis becomes a war, and Jacen and Ella are destined to become key players.

But what about the shadowy fate for Jacen everyone is hinting at? What about Rowan's prophecy? What role does Ella have to play in all of this?

Apples and Trees (Upcoming)

Ella is on a quest to destroy the Deathly Hallows once and for all. Can they defeat the most powerful witches and wizards to ever exist? Will they ever end the heartache?

Short Stories Involving Characters in the Trilogy

These can be found in the Camp Hogwarts Wrchive on AmazingGraceless's profile.

My Name is Ella Diggory, Sort Me.

This is an alternate ending to Apples and Snakes if Wesley were to be fully resurrected. It's about Ella's doubts as a Ravenclaw. Jacen in't her twin in this.

Blood On His Hands

A small one-shot from Ky about being a Healer and his regrets from the war.

Jade vs. Toad

Ever wonder where Mara-Jade was during Jacen and Ella's second-year? Find out.

Alice Potter and the Family Reunion

An alternate ending if the fan favorite, Draco Malfoy, married Alice. A small family reunion gone wrong.

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