Apples and Snakes is a novel written by Amazing Graceless on It operates on the premiss of Harry Potter having a twin sister that is ignored in an AU where Lily and James Potter are still alive and are corrupted by the fame and the prophecy.

It was first published June 7, 2015, and completed on August 1 of the same year. It follows the Harry Potter storyline a bit loosely, with the absence of Dumbledore's Army and a few other elements of the books. It was written mostly for the author's own amusement, and she wishes to apologize for any offences taken to her possible Mary-Sue, Alice Petunia Potter.

It has been mostly positively received by the viewers except for her Jar of Hearts reference, and a single Mary-Sue accusation. The audience is split on whether they are amused or annoyed by the continuous Hunget Games references.

There is a sequel following her children, Apples and Ravens.

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