Apolline Angelique Delacour (née Laurent) (b. 2 February 1953) was a French Veela witch; she is the youngest daughter of Maximilien and Dominique Laurent (née Durand) and younger sister of Yolande Laurent. She attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic from 1964 to 1971, excelling in Charms, though was quite lackluster at Defence. Apolline began working as a fashion model, modeling for her mother's clothing line.

During a social event at the mansion of then-Minister of Magic of France, Charles Moreau, Apolline met Alain Delacour; an aspiring law student with ties to Wizarding France's Democratic Party, the main opposition to the authoritarian government of magical France. The two began a relationship, marrying in 1976. As a result of the marriage, Apolline had two children; Fleur Isabelle and Gabrielle Dominique Delacour. Apolline's husband was a core part of magical France's Quiet Revolution, which saw the restoration of democracy and the fall of the Auror-led government which ruled unopposed for a decade.

Apolline continued her modeling and lived to see the marriages of her two daughters; Fleur to Italian wizard Pietro Maximoff and Gabrielle to his Romanian step-brother, Mateo Maximoff. Through those two marriages, Apolline gained five grandchildren, all but one of which are Veela.

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