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T:"You wanna to go punk!"

A:"Okay. Where are we going? Is it dinner 'cause I'm hungry!"

-Thomas to Apalo when they first meet

Apalo Prince Snape is a pure-blood animagus  that is attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry  and was sorted into the Slytherin House. Apalo was born from Gregory Potter Snape and Wendy Cho Chang.

  Apalo Prince Snape
Gender  Male
Eyes  Brown
Hair  Dark Brown
Born  Sept 30, 2026
Died  Still Alive
Blood  Pure-Blood
Title  Prefect, Head Boy
Alias  Ian Longbottom, Leone Malfoy, Rick Lupin, Thomas Weasly, Luni Potter
Wand  13", Locust, Basilisk Scale
Patronus  Gorilla
Occupation  Student
Affiliation  Hogwarts

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