Antoine Andre Maximoff (born 19 January 1953) was a pure-blood wizarding author from New Zealand. Only child of Django and Tania Maximoff (née Ceausescu), Antoine is of Romanian descent, but was born and raised in New Zealand. Antoine attended the Oceania School of Magic from 1964 until 1972.

After graduating from Oceania, Antoine became a popular author, specializing in historical fiction. He moved to Norocstat, Romania's magical in the early seventies and married a local woman named Crystalia Ceausescu. With her, he had a son, Mateo, however Crystalia was afflicted with a disease that slowly ate away at her magic and died in mid-1980. Antoine eventually remarried, taking Southern Italian Auror Carmela De Santa (née Scicolone) as his second wife. He became the stepfather of her two sons, Pietro and Marco, and had an additional two children; twin girls Wanda and Marya Maximoff. Because of his new marriage, Antoine's relationship with his son deteriorated, and he left home at the age of fourteen after an argument stemming from Mateo's use of Dark Magic. Mateo eventually returned home and Antoine took him back into the family with open arms.

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