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Anthony Keenan McCadden 1
Anthony Keenan McCadden
Biographical information

August 15, 1980

Blood status

Half blood

Martial status



Professor McCadden


Anthony's handwriting

Physical description

Of Giant Decent





Hair colour

Dark Auburn

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Father: Conrad McCadden
Mother: Maddison McCadden
Sister: Vanessa McCadden
Wife: Susanna Violet McCadden
Father-in-law: Dante Rizzo
Mother-in-law: Sondra Rizzo, Anabel Martell-Rizzo
Sister-in-laws: Gabriella and Annetta
Brother-in-laws: Bartolo, Riccardo, Lorenzo, and Michelangelo

Magical characteristics

Susanna being hurt or dead


12" Cherry Jackalope Horn string


Bottlenose Dolphin


Potions Master at Walpi
Head of Awanyu


Kokopelli (as a Student)
Awanyu (Head)


Walpi School of Magic
New Jedi Order
Jedi Order
Order of the Phoenix

"As for Tony, no he cannot see the future. Let’s just say this with our families being close he saw a pattern which he is good at and just thought it was time for a girl again since your goes boy, girl, boy, girl, boy. Yes we saw the letter because he kept saying he was correct with one but that he didn’t think they would be two different sex. He will get over it the disappointment that not everything was correct. And frankly he is a little pissed right now because of all the searching we have done."
—Maddison and Conrad about their son's observations and reserve for a girl.
 Anthony is the youngest son of Maddison and Conrad McCadden. He has 1 older sister Vanessa. He is Taloni Tribe and therefore is in an arranged marriage to Susanna McCadden before she was sent to school. He is very protective of her and any one he considers family. He is 1/8th giant.


Anthony had a good child and was well loved with his family and friends. His faimly never forced him to have a relationship with Susanna thinking that things will happen naturually before marriage is even on the line. He loved having majority of his childhood before going to Walpi not having a fiance that will cling to him and so forth. When he did get one, he wasn't expecting a baby that will know no other person than him as a relationship source. Not only was he angry for himself for the baby that had no voice and would probably fall in line of her parents unaware what his future father-in-law saw in a vision.


When he turned 11 and went into 6th grade he went to Walpi School of magic to learn about magic and took a strong liking in potions and was one of the best potioner in his year. During this time he and Susanna was forced by his future mother in law to write to each other everyother day or on a daily basis normally he writes send and Susanna returns back and so forth. It was too muched making him fearing there was more going on with Susanna. When he was sorted into Kokopelli the hat made a joke to Anthony about being engaged to a toddler but thankfully no one heard and no student was the wiser that he was engaged to a chlid while he went to Walpi and was considered to be the jock that girls wanted to go out with. Due to his repsect towards his future wife he never accepted making people believe he maybe gay or assexual other than his friends who were aware by Tony telling them of the engagement even if due to his excitment it was hard to keep it a secret from the whole school instead of just yelling it out.

Potions Master at Walpi

When he graduated the elderly potions master Alverez hired him as an assistant for the following year because of the arthritus he had making it hard to open jars and so forth. After only 1 year of being an assistant Alverez made Anthony the new Potions master and head of Awanyu house. He decided then and there to be a fair teacher but highly respected but it did not stop that he was an eligible bachelor despite having a young fiancee and the girls trying to flirt with him and fight with each other who he fancied most. He would turn a blind eye and never feed into this and he is hoping for when Susanna comes that she will not be the target of constant bullying if the relationship between her and him is revealed. He was given a peace of mind that the arranged marriage was alright in the school because student teacher relationship is punishable in the school to both the student and the teacher either by law or expulsion unless both are of the Taloni Tribe and are arranged to marry. This is the only exception and hasn't been seen for several generations until Susanna comes to Walpi and he is her potions teacher.

Physical Apperance

Anthony is decendent from a giant in fact 1/8th giant therefore is rather tall but actually but not tall enough for people to even guess he is part giant from his mother's side which also has the Taloni tribe. He is 6'7" so taller than most men but many choose not to see that he is part giant while some recongize it after a few meetings with him. He has his fathers dark brown aubrun straight hair that he likes to keep long and annoys Susanna by using her hair elastics. Also having emerald green eyes that girls seem to feign over.

Personality and Traits

Anthony is strong willed, kind, caring, and respected. During his classes he is fair and tries to be as fair as possible to Susanna despite being his wife and not trying to show favortism to her and is the only one in his house making it hard for her to get house points. The students are very much in aww how he can be caring towards their grade even if it isn't in his class but doesn't want a person to fail especially if they are trying their hardest but may not quite grasp it. He has little tolerance for slackers and cheaters and believes that they deserve the grade they get but does want to know why they resorted to such levels. Susanna is the only one who knows how well strong willed he is because he will not let her do things if he thinks she is in danger or will wear herself out more than she already is and can be quite overprotective of her.


  • Potions
  • Non verbal magic
  • Combat magic
  • Charms
  • Transfiguration
  • Appiration/Disappiration
  • Herbology
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