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Anthony Fin McCaden
Biographical information

August 15, 1980

Blood status

Half Blood

Martial status

Lord McCaden
Professor McCaden


Potions Master
Lord of Peace


Physical description

Decedent of a Giant





Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Father: Conrad McCaden
Mother: Dasiy McCaden
Sister: Vanessa McCaden
Wife: Susanna McCaden
Brother-In-Laws: Bartolo, Riccardo, and Giovanni Rizzo
Sister-in-laws: Gabriella and Annetta Rizzo
Mother-in-law: Sondra Rizzo (Neé Potter)`
Father-in-Law: Dante Rizzo`

Magical characteristics

Family hurt or dying particularly Susanna




Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin


Potions Master at Walpi


Head of Awanyu


New Jedi Order
Order of the Phoenix

Anthony Fin McCaden is the youngest in his family only having an older sisters Vanessa. He is very responsible and can be counted for anything that comes to be. So much that in fact that his potions teacher Proffessor Alverez hired him as an assitant when he graduated from Walpi and the next year the headmaster at Walpi, Richand Carter, agreed with Alverez to make him the potions master and head of Awanyu house.

As a child he was assigned to marry a Taloni tribe member since he was young. This didn't happen until he was 8 years old and was very much against it since he could speaks his mind at that age. He didn't see why or how this tradition could continue but this turned out to be one of the best things. He eventually fell in love with his fiancee and would do anything to make her happy and evetually they become husband and wife. He is very protective of his wife Susanna Violet McCaden from what she has went through as a child. 


Anthony had a good child and was well loved with his family and friends. His faimly never forced him to have a relationship with Susanna thinking that things will happen naturually before marriage is even on the line. He loved having majority of his childhood before going to Walpi not having a fiance that will cling to him and so forth. When he did get one, he wasn't expecting a baby that will know no other person than him as a relationship source. Not only was he angry for himself for the baby that had no voice and would probably fall in line of her parents unaware what his future father-in-law saw in a vision.


When he turned 11 and went into 6th grade he went to Walpi School of magic to learn about magic and took a strong liking in potions and was one of the best potioner in his year. During this time he and Susanna was forced by his future mother in law to write to each other everyother day or on a daily basis normally he writes send and Susanna returns back and so forth. It was too muched making him fearing there was more going on with Susanna. When he was sorted into Kokopelli the hat made a joke to Anthony about being engaged to a toddler but thankfully no one heard and no student was the wiser that he was engaged to a chlid while he went to Walpi and was considered to be the jock that girls wanted to go out with. Due to his repsect towards his future he never accepted making people believe he maybe gay or assexual other than his friends who were aware by Tony telling them of the engagement.

Potions Master at Walpi

When he graduated the elderly potions master Alverez hired him as an assistant for the following year because of the arthritus he had making it hard to open jars and so forth. After only 1 year of being an assistant Alverez made Anthony the new Potions master and head of Awanyu house. He decided then and there to be a fair teacher but highly respected but it did not stop that he was an eligible bachelor despite having a young fiancee and the girls trying to flirt with him and fight with each other who he fancied most. He would turn a blind eye and neve feed into this and is hoping for when Susanna comes that she will not be the target of constant bullying if the relationship between her and him is revealed. He was given a peace of mind that the arranged marriage was alright in the school because student teacher relationship is punishable in the school to both the student and the teacher either by law or expulsion unless both are of the Taloni Tribe and are arranged to marry. This is the only exception and hasn't been seen for several generations until Susanna comes to Walpi and he is her potions teacher. 

Reunited with Susanna

Rushed Marriage

AnthonyMcCaden3 zpsc578ef66

Anthony McCaden and his normal teaching clothes

When Susanna returned to Earth, Anthony set up a great 1st day on Earth by going on a hike and dinner set up to get to know each other better. The next day though, 2 bombs came down well actually 3 but one being a good thing. The first order of business was transfering the title of Lady of Peace that Anthony witnessed being transfered from her older brother Bartolo to Susanna. Meaning once they marry he will techinically be a Lord of Peace by the marriage.

The next order of business was Anthony's maternal grandmother who has been cut off by his mother for her causing drama. She petitioned United States Republic of Magic and New Mexico courts for them to marry within a year of her return to Earth since her parents were dead. Susanna's grandmother, Shima Rizzo, and elder and chief of the Taloni Tribe did her best to stop the forcing of the marriage before Susanna was ready since it is the 20th century not the 18th or earlier century. Unfortunately this did not happen with a scolding to Shima saying she should inforce this law and not favor her granddaughter. Shima did point out that she would fight this law in this century for any tribal member that she knew or didn't knew from having to force into marriage before they ready and wasn't just for her granddaughter. It is unknown how the cut off grandmother actually knew about this than speculations of hearing it through the news.

This news forced Susanna and Anthony to marry before she was ready and start planning a small intimate wedding for the month that Annetta returns from her training.

Also during this time Bartolo showed a video recorded by their father to see what their mother was doing. It showed Susanna being abused by her mother and scares Susanna very much. It doesn't help much that Anthony and Bartolo got into a fight right after it ended that Susanna should have seen it or not. Anthony sees this as a low blow especially to Susanna because she had no say if she wanted to see it because she tried to leave but Bartolo didn't want her to leave. Meaning he thought he had to defend Susanna from this.

Hidding Marrage from Students

Releasing the News

Physical Apperance

Anthony is decendent from a giant in fact 1/8th giant therefore is rather tall but actually but not tall enough for people to even guess he is part giant from his mother's side which also has the Taloni tribe. He is 6'4" so taller than most men but cannot see that he is part giant. He has his fathers dark brown aubrun straight hair that he likes to keep long and annoys Susanna by using her hair elastics. Also having emerald green eyes that girls seem to feign over.

Personality and Traits

Anthony is strong willed, kind, caring, and respected. During his classes he is fair and tries to be as fair as possible to Susanna despite being his wife and not trying to show favortism to her. His students are very much in aww how he can be caring towards their grade even if it isn't in his class but doesn't want a person to fail especially if they are trying their hardest but may not quite grasp it. He has little tolerance for slackers and cheaters and believes that they deserve the grade they get but does want to know why they resorted to such levels. Susanna is the only one who knows how well strong willed he is because he will not let her do things if he thinks she is in danger or will wear herself out more than she already is.


  • Potions
  • Non verbal magic
  • Combat magic
  • Charms
  • Transfiguration
  • Appiration/Disappiration



He has a strong relationship with his parents and loves them. He may have had limited time with his father because of him being an Auror but loved it when he was here. The relationship with his mother, he can be described as a mommy's boy because she was a stay at home wife and took care of him and his sister while his dad was way.

Vanessa McCaden

He loved his sisters but it wasn't without much trouble seeing how she was trying to make it as a musical artist. To say the least after awhile she had to come back and didn't want to live at home so decided to bunk with him and Susanna even when the other wards in his house lived there. This caused them to fight until she finally got a job and moved out. From then on out their relationship was for the better.

Susanna McCaden

SusannaRizzo9 zps3a619eb6

Susanna's School uniform

This is a very complicated relationship that includes an 8 year age difference. It started out as an arranged marriage when they were children Susanna only being months old and he being 8. She and him would argue because of him being overprotective and her wanting freedom along with being forced to write letters to each other by her mother everyday while he was at Walpi. After the fire it goes down to once a week of their choosing and so Susanna has some contact with people on Earth. They were forced to marry each other before Susanna was ready and Anthony was willing despite being ready, when she just returned to Earth and hadn't sorted out her feeling yet and just started puberty. For the most part their relationship starts with her trusting him and going from there.

Siblings in laws

He has a few sibling in laws that he likes but two did become on his bad side for what they believe or did.

Brother in laws

He like 2 of the 3 brother in laws in fact he believe the 1 brother in law that he believes hurt Susanna more that he doesn't spend more time with her.

Bartolo Rizzo

He does not like Bartolo only because what he showed everyone including Susanna when she came on Earth causing them to argue what is best for Susanna. He keeps Bartolo at an arms length so no more harm falls upon Susanna if he finds more movies of abuse and wants to show Susanna before she is ready to see them and broke his trust in him that he will not harm Susanna whatsoever.

Riccardo Rizzo

He had a good relationship with Riccardo but would like it if Riccardo would lessen his picking on Susanna even if Susanna doesn't care. It just for him, he doesn't want her to go back to the place she was when she was being abused.

Giovanni Rizzo

This is the best relationship out of her brothers because Giovanni helps to stand up for Susanna when things are going against her. He believes they are on the same wave lenghts.

Sister in laws

He tries to help with her sisters but even agrees that one is very toxic for views and relationships especially if when they have children.

Gabriella Rizzo

He does not have much of a relationship with Gabriella because of her views and becoming toxic to them. He goes on Susanna's lead with her and keeping things civil with her but pretty much cut off so no harm comes their way and hope she comes around.

Annetta Rizzo

He has a good relationship with Annetta but is shocked how immature Annetta could be. He is often at ends with her and her school grades being her head and wanting them to bump up and not just rely on Susanna to continue to protect her. He understands she may not realize that she is also in danger for awhile and as much as she likes fun and relaxing but there is a thing that it can be too much fun and relaxing when her grades are lacking.

Gero Viteri

Leo Malfoy

Masako Yamada

Patili Gomez

Graham Baxter

Other Students

He has good remarks on his students even if some girls love him or rather infuatuated with him hoping. They like him being fair in all parts and wanting students to come to him even if the class is not his to see what he can do to help them in that class if they cannot talk to the teacher themselves.

Other Teachers

With his colleges he has a good reputation especially being so young. They like how he doesn't take sides and can easily relate to the students no matter the house and how he runs his class. Another key factor of the reputation is being respectful to his older colleges who have been there for awhile and ask them questions on how to better his class and his teaching abilities. They are more than happy to help him with that and get it so this class is his not just the formers teacher, Alverez.

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