Template:Muggle individual infoboxAnthony John "Tony" De Santa (born 24 August 1953) was an Italian-American mobster and head of the De Santa crime family; a criminal syndicate that operates out of New Jersey. He is the eldest child and only son of notorious gangster Alphonse De Santa and his wife, Dotty, and elder brother of Barbara De Santa. Tony was raised in Newark, New Jersey and attended a Muggle Catholic school and later attained a football scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.

While attending Notre Dame, he met Gloria DeMarco, a fellow student and unbeknownst to him, a witch. The two began dating and married in 1976. The marriage produced three children; Anthony Corrado De Santa, or Anthony Jr., Paulie Alphonse De Santa and much later, Dominic Umberto De Santa. When Gloria told him that she was a witch and that their kids would be wizards, Tony initially thought she was crazy, but after seeing his wife perform a few spells, Tony promptly fainted. After being exposed to the wizarding world, Tony was critical about the ways wizards do things, and made sure to raise his kids with adequate knowledge and life experience in both worlds.

Although wanting his first son, Anthony Jr., to succeed him as Boss of the De Santa crime family, A.J. wanted nothing to do with the criminal life and became an Auror instead. Tony's hopes then fell onto his middle-son, Paulie, who is heir-apparent to Tony's criminal syndicate.