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Annetta Nicole Rizzo
Biographical information

October 26, 1988

Blood status

Pure Blood
Force Sensitive

Martial status

Jedi Rizzo


Physical description






Hair colour

Dark Brown almost Black

Eye colour

Dark Brown

Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Dad: Dante Rizzo`
Mother: Sondra Rizzo (neé Potter)'
Older Brothers: Bartolo, Riccardo, Giovanni Rizzo
Older Sister: Gabriella Rizzo
Twin Sister: Susanna McCaden
Brother-in-law: Anthony McCaden
Aunts: Lily Potter, Rosalia Frost, Katherine Rizzo, Angelica Gosselin
Uncles: James Potter, Elliot Frost, Cain Gosselin, Carlo Rizzo
Grandparets: Mr. & Mrs. Potter, Shima and Augosto Rizzo

Magical characteristics

Siblings dead


10" Apple wand with Jedi hair core




Student at Walpi




New Jedi Order
Order of the Phoenix

Annetta is the twin sister of Susanna Violet McCaden. She is living in a bubble despite the Sith trying to get her and make her turn to the Dark side. She and her siblings are also the American cousins of Harry Potter. She is the 2nd youngest and does not have an arranged marriage and has been known to flirt and make out with plenty of people despite Susanna wanting her to be more respectful of her body. She has 4 older siblings BartoloRiccardoGiovanni,and Gabriella.


AnnettaRizzo9 zpsc40c160f

Annetta in her uniform

Annetta's childhood was good but at times get ther mother , Sondra Rizzo, so mad that she would be spanked but never sustained abuse that Susanna went through. She was the one that lead Fueller a Sith Lord looking for Susanna and Annetta for years and would alert him to anything that seemed off. This was due to her reasoning that Susanna and Annetta will serve the Dark Lord himself because the tremenodous power they would have. It is because of her that Fueller new which one to look for by name.

Around a month after their Fueller came earlier because of Sondras tellings of Luke Skywalker coming the next day to help train them. Because of that Fueller hastend the fire destroying everyone in the town trying to find them which is when Susanna bumped in Fueller. He threw her and her sister into a crate before taking off. Fueller after awhile left Annetta while he put Susanna's back to the fire destroying her nerves and almost her entire spinal cord if Susanna wasn't trying to get the fire away from her to lessen the damage. She felt sorry for even suggesting that he rape her and was scared for Susanna when she came back with no feelings.

The next day Conrad McCaden and Han Solo found them and got her and Susanna to safety. The next two days she was in the safe house while Susanna healed kikcing herself for what she said. She and her sister stayed for all of the funerals for the dead residents of the town but they are considered the only survivors of the town.


Susanna and Annetta had basic training with their father who knew how to train them to control hte force but not to work a lightsaber or more indepth training.

Yavin 4

On Yavin 4 with Luke, Annetta had to work in catching up with Susanna because she was behind due to not payint attention to her father when he was training them. The start of her actually training was picking up where her father left of before she got a lightsaber training since she wasn't ready to have one when she came to Yavin. Through the training with a lightsaber she has became stronger than Fueller with Susanna's help and has yet to thawat Fueller's attack fully by herself.


She is apprentice to Longwei Kwan.

Back On Earth

Annetta just came back in time to be hte maid of honor in Susanna's rushed wedding and get everything she needed to go to Walpi. There was no time for her to actually get reaquanted with Earth and what it had to offer before having to continue everything.


1st year

Physical Appearence

AnnettaRizzo12 zps659fa0df

Annetta in the common room with a toad.

Annetta comes from a tall family and because of that she is 6'0" taller than the average female and people jokingly say she should have been a boy. She has a fit figure because she is very active because she likes to keep her body toned to fight if the need ever arises but has kept some femininity to her body so she isn't all muscles and doesn't look out of porportion but it doesn't negate that her body is an athletic build from her being a Jedi and playing the beater in the house Quidditch team. She resembles her father and Alluria Yorcot who her family is decendent from with her thick ringlet curly dark brown almost black hair, dark brown almond shaped eyes, and her olive skin tone. She and her sister have been described as one of the beautiful girls in school if not the most beautiful in school because of their exotic looks.

Personality and Traits

Annetta is kind, calm, determined, and welcoming. Being a Jedi and her meditating she has more patients than a child her age which surprises a lot of people but since meditating helps her from becoming a person with nothing to live for she can see that she has people that loves her and doesn't want her to go down that path. She is determined to have this guy face punishement but doesn't know if killing him will be the best thing. She is also very loving having never recieved it during her child only in irregular intervals becuase of the abuse she has sustained and therefore a few people looking at her may say she is cold without knowing otherwise. She will not jump to suspects right away when there is no signs pointing to a particular person when the situation is not good and needs figuring out. She is very immature at times and will not always think do what should be done.

Powers and Abilities


Some of these are within her and did not need to be taught either by gaining it by her family members or some thing else. This is not the complete list but what she uses on a daily basis. Please note with telepathy she does not read minds but rather communicates with the person without speaking normally with Annetta or other Jedi as not to disrupt class and teachers are none the wiser. This is the same with Force Meld and almost exclusively used in battle and both Jedi can protect the other Jedi of the meld from mental attacks.

  • Jedi Mind Trick
  • Force Meld
  • Lightsaber combat
  • Eletric Judgement
  • Precongnition
  • Force Vision
  • Telepathy
  • Force Defend aka Tutaminis
  • Force Jump
  • Force Speed
  • Force Light
  • Force Stealth
  • Force Empathy
  • Force Comperhension
  • Force Choke[1]


She has limited abilities in magic since Force and Magic are not the same level while in fact are created by the same things just that Earth do not realize it since this was never a force senstive plannet. What she does have is the rudimentary skills or very powerful spells that cannot be duplicated in the force though some she prefers force powers over her witch powers.

  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Potions
  • Herbology
  • Resisting of Imperious Curse
  • If angry enough The Unforgivable Curses (really doesn't like to preform them)
  • Make Up Spells
  • Gifts from Wand


Basic Non Powers

  • Speaks English, Galatic Basic, Italian, and Spanish
  • Understands Shyriiwook, Japanese, French, Korean, and Portuguse



Annetta's relationship with her parents before they died was alright. As much as she respected and loved her dad despite things going on but didn't trust her mother for unknown reasons and seeing bruises on Susanna. Her mother would down play as to why Susanna was scared of her causing Annetta to think somehing was going on. The night of the fire she thought mother was up to something due to acting strange.

She heard through Susanna that their brother, Bartolo, decided to show Susanna a video and now knows why she never did trust her mother. Her father she now holds as an enabeler for not stopping the abuse and leaving her mother making the abuse only continue. She has to talk to his ghost who is now residing in Walpi to know why he let it continue.


Annetta's relationship with her siblings has been very well but doesn't know what to think of Bartolo or a civil relationship with Gabriella.

Older brothers

Annetta for the most part has a good relationship with her brothers even with the fights and picking has been happening with them.

Bartolo Rizzo

Bartolo wants what is best for his younger siblings taking over as the parent when their parents died but was unaware that Susanna told Annetta what Susanna saw making Annetta question their own relationship. They may have a good relationship growing up but she doesn't know how to move forward before asking him what really happened. Annetta does get the same story from Bartolo as she got from Susanna and therefore has to reevaluate her relationship with Bartolo..

Riccardo Rizzo

Riccardo always picks on Annetta no matter what and is the only one that can pick on her no one else. He is also very protective of her on who wants her but that doesn't stop when he picks on her. The only thing that will stop him picking on her if she is down or sick.

Giovanni Rizzo

Annetta and Giovanni have a good relationship and he would do anything in his powers that nothing will harm his younger sisters even siblings themselves.


Annetta's relationship with her sisters is split in half from having a good relationship and can look past differences with Susanna to Gabriella not looking past the differences and being rather toxic in her mind set that they just remain civil withone another.


Annetta's relationship with her older sister Gabriella is strained and almost nonexistant. For you see Gabriella does believe in blood purity that somehow was ingraned in her mind that she knows dad never taught them so unless their mother said something about them taught them to her then that is another story. They just believe in different things and therefore do not have much of a relationship.


Annetta and Susanna have a close relationship being twins though they do have their fights. Most of their arguments are due to Annetta's lack of maturity to see that this guy is not only after Susann (his primary goal) but also after her and her life is also in danger. Sure she may not have had the damage Susanna has recieved but she still believes to have fun during this time. Other than that they back each other up and can be the best of friends and sisters to each other. 

Anthony McCaden

She has a good relationship with Anthony but can be immature which Anthony doesn't enjoy. She is often at ends with him because of her school grades with him being her head and wanting them to bump up and not just rely on Susanna to continue to protect her. As much as she knows this she still wans to relax as much as she can and have fun not be this hard working person that has no personality even if Susanna proves otherwise. She doesn't believe her grades will have any effect on her because she is a Jedi and just going to school because she has to.

Gero Viteri

Leo Malfoy

Lucius Malfoy

Narcissa Malfoy

Draco Malfoy

Masako Yamada

Patili Gomez

Graham Baxter



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