Anne Findlay (born 1984) is the fifth child and only daughter of Matthew and Virginia Findlay. She grew up on the unplottable Findlay's Island off the coast of Washington County, Maine. She entered Kaaterskill Academy of Magic in 1995. She's enthusiastic, adventurous and headstrong; while she is above average in intelligence, she's often impatient with classroom learning. Her three oldest brothers - Phineas, Nicholas and Tycho - were all notorious pranksters while at Kaaterskill. Her youngest brother, Herschel, who finished school in 1994, was Head Boy in his 7th year and went to work in the Department of Magic's New York regional office. All of the Findlay children have red hair, a trait they share with both their parents. Anne meets Ethan Lloyd and Tim van der Meulen while waiting for the steamer Kaaterskillto take them to school at the start of their first year. She is sorted into Bradbury House and eventually becomes a close friend of Ethan and Tim.

Appears in

Ethan Lloyd and the Talisman of Table Mountain

Ethan Lloyd and the Phantom Ship

Ethan Lloyd and the Year of the Refugees