Anna Grayson and the Order of Merlin is an epic novel written by Katie O'Brien and published to by her father.


"This book is dedicated to my beautiful daughter Katie, who worked so hard during her struggles with her health. Sitting alone together in the hospital day after day, night after night, we started this book because of her love for Harry Potter, and to help her take her mind off of the pain of her many treatments. I am very proud of my daughter, my little red head. Her imagination and courage were the foundation of this work, and the magic that keeps her loving family going. May God hold her in his loving arms until the day she comes to be again."


Anna Grayson was born into a powerful wizarding family in America. Born a squib, Anna begins showing astonishing powers that lead her to Castlewood Academy for the Magical Arts and eventually to the realization she’s a Guardian in The Order of Merlin.


Anna Grayson and the Order of Merlin

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