Anipheon X (36237 - 41633), also known as Anipheon the Younger and later as Anipheon the Restorer, was Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia, having taken the throne by force after deposing and killing Cloteias IV. He was the youngest son of former Divine Sovereign Anipheon IX, who had been killed by Cloteias III (the grandfather of Cloteias IV), who proceeded to usurp the Alluvial Throne and declared himself Divine Sovereign.

With the city of Iridal derelict and in ruins, Anipheon founded a new city to have as capital of Al-Antidia, creating a new dynasty in the process. After his death in 41633 AE, he was succeeded to the throne by his son Nergal XVIII.


|- style="text-align: center;" |- style="text-align:center;" |style="width:30%;" rowspan="1"|Preceded by
Cloteias IV | style="width: 40%; text-align: center;" rowspan="1"|Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia
40972 - 41633 | style="width: 30%; text-align: center;" rowspan="1"| Succeeded by
Nergal XVIII |-