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"And the eye of the storm shall be a spear, for it will pierce those who oppose it. And the storm shall be a tower, for it will rise from the dark depths into the heavens."
—Anipheon's inspiration for the Tower of Dawn

Anipheon IX (34919 - 36685) was Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia and the last member of the Eight Dynasty to rule over the Al-Antidian Empire. He succeeded his father Oiraps VIII, and at the end of the Third War of Righteousness, he was killed and had his throne usurped by Cloteias III, a distant relative of his who then founded the first Clotean dynasty. His other parent, Phanes, was a Perennial, and as such, Anipheon was born as a human-perennial hybrid. Much like his father and all other Divine Sovereigns that preceded and succeeded him, Anipheon was also a wizard.

He married a noblewoman called Ahkatheria, better known to history as the Eternal Queen, and the two eventually had a son, called Nergal. Anipheon eventually had another son. According to Aenean theology, both Anipheon and his wife, who also had Perennial ancestry, succumbed to an unexplainable madness that led to many horrendous acts being committed.

As of his ascension to the Alluvial Throne, Anipheon was the youngest individual to hold the title of Divine Sovereign, and due to being 1766 years old at the time of his death, he was also the youngest Divine Sovereign to die whilst holding the position. His death also led to his apotheosis into a full Perennial, and later willingly reincarnated into Harry Potter.


Anipheon was born to Divine Sovereign Oiraps VIII and Phanes, and despite his bastard status he was immediately legitimized due to his divine ancestry. Shortly after his birth, his father married a woman, who did all possible to have Anipheon illegitimated, but without success. From her, Anipheon would have several half-siblings, sharing a mutual animosity.

Despite being an illegitimate son, he still ascended to the position of Divine Sovereign as Anipheon IX after the death of his father. Shortly after this, he met and later married Ahkatheria, an infamous young witch who had taken the throne of Varandill Aanor and capture the surrounding six city-kingdoms. Several years after the marriage, the two would have a son, whom they called Nergal. During this period, Anipheon began to have visions regarding the end of Al-Antidia, and sought to prevent this by any means necessary. To further this, he drafted and created artefact which he called the "Tower of Dawn", seeking to use it in order to completely destroy fate, and by extension the future itself. In doing so, Anipheon thought he would be erasing predestination and granting the people of the world absolute free-will.

However, this obsession made Anipheon isolate himself from everyone around him, including his family, allowing Ahkatheria to raise Nergal on her own, and giving her power over the administration of the Al-Antidian Empire. Despite this, the two still had another son during this period, being given the name of his father. Eventually, the domination of Ahkatheria reached a stage where it no longer could be supported by the subjects of the Divine Sovereign, leading to a rebellion against Anipheon under the command of his former friend Cloteias.

At the final stage of the war, when the forces of Cloteias besieged Bronzalae Cava, Anipheon and Cloteias engaged in battle, their sheer power enough to cause the central spire of Bronzalae Cava to collapse into the city below, causing countless of casualties. In the chaos, Anipheon died, and his corpse would only be found days later and finally entombed inside the Necropolis of his ruined capital.


Remembered mostly with indifference by his subjects, most of the blame regarding failures during Anipheon's reign was attributed to his wife Ahkatheria, who had been left in charge of the administration for several centuries. Despite this, Anipheon still maintained the old tradition of being a "philosopher king", much like many of his predecessors. However, during the second era, Anipheon's image was linked to that of the Eternal Queen by the Aenean Church, portraying him as a mad and easily manipulated figure who fell to the whims of his wife.

Despite his death at the hands of Cloteias, as well as that of his wife and eldest son, his lineage would avenge itself in the person of his second and youngest son, who would rise against Cloteias IV (one of the three grandsons of Cloteias III) in rebellion and reclaimed the Alluvial Throne, restoring the bloodline of his father to Al-Antidia, albeit under a new dynasty.

Powers and abilities

Despite having been born with the abilities of a wizard, Anipheon's power extended beyond that. As the son of a Perennial and distantly descending from another, his power eclipsed that of other humans, possibly only rivalled by that of Cloteias, who was like him the offspring of another Perennial.


Anipheon VIII
Bronzas VI
Protion VII
Oiraps VIII
Anipheon IX


Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia
Preceded by:
Oiraps VIII
35175 - 36685 Succeeded by:
Cloteias III

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