The Angelo Seven (Italian: Angelo Sette) was the name that seven people gave their group of friends from Rocca d'Angelo, Pietro Maximoff's hometown. In addition to Pietro, the group consisted of Clemente Alborosie, Sergio Pagliarulo, Vittore Atinese, Giovanni Di Lauro, Roberto Santoro, and Salvatore Carbone. The friends christened themselves the "Angelo Seven" in the summer of 1993, with the moment being immortalized with a still photograph of all the friends.

Due to horrible circumstances, the Angelo Seven effectively ceased to exist after the death of several of its members; Roberto died in a car accident six months after the photo was taken, Vittore became a drug dealer and was killed by a junkie just after graduation, and Salvatore got in with a bad crowd and was eventually killed by Mafia hit men. In addition, Giovanni took the death of Roberto, his best friend, very hard; he moved to Belgium not long after and never returned to Rocca d'Angelo.

As of 2017, only three members are confirmed to be alive; Pietro Maximoff, Clemente Alborosie and Sergio Pagliarulo.

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