Andolini is the surname of a relatively obscure family hailing from Italy. Related to the De Santa family, the Andolini family has both Muggle and magical members, the latter's line being traced back to the Muggle-born wizard Carmine Andolini. The family is native to the town of Cassino (known for much of its history as San Germano) but much of the family has moved to Canada and the United States.

Family members

Magical branch

Name Lifespan Notes
Pietro Andolini 1918 to 1999 A Muggle and veteran of the Second World War. Married a witch
Giovanni Andolini Born in 1942 Half-blood wizard who married Alessandra Moretti in 1963. Father of three children; Ernesto, Antonio and Giuliano. Became wealthy owning a wine exporting business.
Alessandra Moretti Born in 1942 Pure-blood witch and wife of Giovanni Andolini and mother of his three children: Ernesto, Antonio and Giuliano.
Ernesto Andolini Born in 1965 Eldest child of Giovanni Andolini and Alessandra Moretti. Became an Auror for the Magical Congress of the United States of America in 1988.
Antonio Andolini Born in 1968 Penultimate son of Giovanni Andolini and Alessandra Moretti. Attended a Muggle primary school before the family moved to the United States, where he began attending the McQueen Institute of Magical Studies from 1978 to 1986. Married a Muggle, Genine, and had three children with her; Alessandro, Matteo and Alessio. She died of complications during childbirth in 2007. Antonio remarried Elior Schreier, a former classmate, in 2009, siring twin girls, Monica and Maria, in 2010. Moved to Canada and home-schooled his children with the help of a couple of wizarding tutors.
Alessandro Andolini Born in 1999 Eldest child of Antonio and Genine Andolini. Described as "more Muggle than wizard" by some because of his love of Muggle culture. Attended a Muggle primary school then was home-schooled by his father, great-uncle, and a couple of tutors.

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