The Ancestral Sovereigns were a group of individuals who were the first inhabitants of the Great Void, having subsequently founded what is known as the ten Ancestral Factions. Many ruins across the Void are remnants of their time, and they are venerated by the contemporary inhabitants of the Great Void. No sovereign remains on the Void, all ten believed to have been severed during the Second Great Conflict.

The Sovereigns

The first to be summoned to the Great Void, the sovereigns brought the concept of civilization into the empty Void, and their legacy is still felt today. While there was no leader amongst them, the Crimson Emperor was considered to be a "first amongst equals".




Crimson Emperor Unknown; possibly severed Crimson Empire
Amber Prince Unknown; possibly severed Amber League
Black Patriarch Unknown; possibly severed Black Patriarchate
Azure King Unknown; possibly severed Azure Kingdom
Golden Khan Unknown; possibly severed Golden Khanate
Jade Shogun Unknown; possibly severed Jade Shogunate
Viridian Sultan Unknown; possibly severed Viridian Sultanate
Ivory Tsar Unknown; possibly severed Ivory Tsardom
Indigo Consul Unknown; possibly severed Indigo Republic
Silver Hochmeister Unknown; possibly severed Silver Order


Chronicles of the Void

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