Template:Wizard individual infoboxAnastasia Morgana Weasley (née Yaroslav) (4 December 1982 - 10 June 2014) was a pure-blood Russian witch; only child of Boris and Oksana Yaroslav and wife of Ron Weasley, a professional chess player and her father's protégé. She attended Koldovstoretz, the Russian magical boarding school, from 1991 to 2001.

Anastasia met Ron Weasley for the first time in 1999, when he first travelled to Russia to become her father's chess protégé. Although the two got on very well, they did not begin dating until a couple of years later after Anastasia graduated from Koldovstoretz. They married in 2003 and wanted to start a large family. Unfortunately, Anastasia suffered two miscarriages in a three-year period, causing untold emotional stress on her and Ron's marriage, almost convincing them to quit trying altogether. However, miraculously, Anastasia successfully gave birth to a daughter in 2007; Mia Susana Weasley, who was partly named after her husband's former love, Susan Bones, whom he had to leave back in Britain to follow his dream of becoming a wizarding chess player.

Tragically, Anastasia passed away in 2014 after she was fatally wounded due to a bout of accidental magic performed by her seven year-old daughter while she was playing with Ron's wand. Her death left Ron chronically depressed; he quit playing chess and moved back to England with Mia, hoping to make amends with his family.