The Amulet of Kings, also called the Amulet of the Kings of Glory, was a pendant traditionally worn by the ruling emperor of Cyrodiil. In the center of the amulet was the Chim-el Adabal, also known as the Red Diamond, a huge soul gem of Ayleid origin. It was held in a golden clasp surrounded by eight smaller gems that represented the Eight Divines of the original Cyrodilic pantheon, created by Queen Alessia. It served as the symbol of the divine right of the Cyrodilic emperors.

The amulet was an important component of the coronation ceremony and a powerful artifact when used for divination. The soul of each reigning emperor was enshrined within the central stone, presumably during the coronation ritual involving the Dragonfires and the divine Covenant.

In this way Cyrodiil's rulers were brought together in death, forming an 'oversoul' that could provide counsel to their successors. The amulet could only be worn by certain individuals—those who could be said to have the 'Dragon Blood' in their veins. The specific requirements, however, have been a subject of debate, and they may simply have called for the attributes of a ruler or some divine mandate.

There were two amulets, the Chim-el Adabal of both coming from the same soul gem and somehow being connected. The second amulet was created by Juilek Cyrodiil for mere ceremonial purposes, but with the Akaviri coup which led to the assassination of emperor Reman III and a false Juilek, the second Amulet fell into the hands of the Elder Council, and was buried alongside Reman III, the Council believing it was the original amulet and having no knowledge of a second.

The original amulet remained with Juilek, and travelled with the prince to Earth. It was entombed alongside Juilek in the catacombs of Fort Reman in Scotland, before being recovered by Harry Potter, a direct descendant of Juilek and by consequence Reman I.

With Harry's entrance into the Aurbis, the amulet returned once more to Tamriel, and remained in Harry's possession.