Amphitrion Sounders (December 7, 1810 - May 4, 1927) was the patriarch of the Sounders wizard family and the father of Michael Sounders and the grandfather of Rodger Sounders and his younger brother, Roland Sounders. He died the year of the Dark Lord Voldemort's birth.

Life and Death

Amphitrion Sounders was an old man when his only child, Michael, was born in 1877. He was a highly-critical man who openly express shame of Michael's sorting into Slytherin. In the 1920s, the Sounders family's ancestral home was burned to the ground by an unknown enemy. His wife, Alceme, passed on before the completion of Spellcaster Manor. Amphitrion died died a year after of the Manor's completed.

Name Origins

Amphitrion is named after a king in Greek mythology. His surname is the pural form of the movie starring Paul Winfield


Marital Status at Death

  • Single/Widower

Past Marriages

  • Alceme Sounders (dissolved by her death)




  • Sutton Sounders (great-grandson, via Rodger)
  • Abigail Larkin (great-granddaughter, via Rodger)
  • Byron Sounders (great-grandson, via Roland)
  • Rodney Sounders (great-grandson, via Rodger)
  • Roland "R.J." Sounders, Jr. (great-grandson, via Roland)
  • Katrina Sounders (great-granddaughter, via Roland)

Great-Great Grandchildren

  • Travis Selby Sounders (adoptive great-great grandson, via Sutton)
  • Tristan Sounders (great-great grandson, via Rodney)
  • Carly Sounders (great-great granddaughter, via Rodney)
  • Felix Sounders (great-great grandson, via Rodney)

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