Amilanius was the founder of the Atlantean Empire, and by consequence its first Divine Sovereign. He was born during the second proto-Atlantean period as a bastard son of Nergal IV, the ruler of the Opweixj tribe-kingdom. After the collapse of the European proto-Atlantean society, he united the broken tribes of the ancient world, and with them he created the Atlantean Empire. Upon his death in 5284 AHB, Amilanius would be succeeded by his son Nergal V.

Amilanius was the first mortal incarnation of Aernus in the current universe, and all those belonging to his line succeeded him in this mantle (except for the usurper Cloteias II). It is unknown if his line survived the Great Cataclysm, but after the fall of Atlantis, it would be thousands of years until a new mortal incarnation of Aernus was born.


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