"Here in this tomb rests the corporeal form of Amilanius, son of Nergal the Idloatean, who ruled fairly over Al-Antidia and all its dominions as their Divine Sovereign."
—Inscription in the tomb of Amilanius

Amilanius (Al-Antidian: Amllanaios; 1 - 5284 AE) was a Human-Perennial hybrid who came to found the Al-Antidian Empire, becoming its first Divine Sovereign. He was born during the late years of the Tesklian Era, the "bastard" son of king Nergal IV of Idloatai and a Perennial spirit, and despite his illegitimate background, he was raised in his father's household with the same privileges and duties as his older and legitimate brother, the future Protion I.

With the nigh-collapse of the pre-Al-Antidian society in the aftermath of the First War of Ascendency, Amilanius became King of Idloatai and succeeded in uniting the broken states of the ancient world, and eventually forged the first global empire after a lengthy war which lasted for at least a thousand years. Assuming the title of Divine Sovereign and High Priest of Aion, Amilanius created the foundation of a political, bureaucratic, and religious system would last and be developed for the following millennia.

At his death, he was succeeded by his eldest son, who assumed the throne as Nergal V. An imperial cult then developed around the figure of Amilanius, and he was worshipped for countless generations as the "light that inspires humanity to reach beyond their limits". He was a common ancestor to all who succeeded him to the Alluvial Throne.


"Amilanius" is the Anglicized version of the Idloatean (a sub-language of Al-Antidian) name Amllanaios, composed of the elements amllan, meaning "glory", and aios, meaning "son". The origins of the name are unknown, and no other individual is known to have shared their name with the Divine Sovereign.


Born: 1 AE Died: 5284 AE
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Protion I
King of Idloatai
2543-4311 AE
Dissolution of the Kingdom of Idloatai
New title Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia
4311-5284 AE
Succeeded by
Nergal V

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