Amilanius (1 - 5284) was the founder of the Al-Antidian Empire, and by consequence its first Divine Sovereign. He was born during the late First Era as a bastard son of Nergal IV, the ruler of the Idloatean Kingdom. After the collapse of the European proto-Atlantean society, he united the broken kingdoms of the ancient world, and forged the political entity which came to be known as the Al-Antidian Empire. Upon his death in 5284 AE, Amilanius would be succeeded by his son Nergal V.

After his death, Amilanius began to be worshipped by his former subjects as the embodiment of "the light that inspires humanity to reach beyond their limits". He was a common ancestor to all who succeeded him in the office of Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia.


King of Idloatai
Preceded by:
Protion I
2543 - 4311 Succeeded by:

Position abolished

Divine Sovereign of Al-Antidia
Preceded by:
(position created)

4311 - 5284 Succeeded by:
Nergal V

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