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Template:Character infobox Ambrose Weaver (1715 — 1809) was the only child of Sarah Collins and Stephen Weaver; he was named after his great-grandfather, the muggle Ambrose Barlow. He was consistently encouraged by his grandmother to take pride in his wizarding heritage, which she regularly reminded him was precisely 5/16ths pure-blooded.

As his father spent much of his time working to keep his upstart newspaper running, Ambrose spent much of his time with his mother and Aunt Beatrice. In 1732, Ambrose went to work as a shophand at his aunt's wandshop, Weaver's Wands, and at the age of 19, Ambrose entered a formal apprenticeship under his aunt, learning the subtleties of wandlore.

In 1738, Ambrose married Regina Montague, and the couple had twin children, Serenity Weaver and Ezekiel Weaver, in 1739. With the death of Beatrice Weaver in 1770, Ambrose assumed proprietorship of Weaver's Wands and managed the shop until his own death in 1814. In 1783, Ambrose accepted his 16-year-old grandson, Nathaniel Weaver, as his own wandsmithing apprentice, and when Ambrose died in 1814, the wandshop passed into Nathaniel's hands.

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