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Amberley 'Amber' Fredriccson (b. 1960) is the only daughter of Gustav Fredricsson, a Swedish pureblood who attended Durmstrang in his schooling years, and Elizabeth Fredricsson (nee Potter) who attended Hogwarts in her own schooling years. She is also the first cousin of James Potter and distant cousins with twins Mikhael and unfortunately; the unpleasant Adrian Rydberg, who she later finds out, was involved with the so called 'death' of her beloved childhood friend, Anna Belikova.

She attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the years 1971-1977, where she is sorted into Ravenclaw and befriends Isabel Goulburn and Moira Cornfoot, and in later years; Lily Evans. She maintains a close relationship with cousin James Potter, who she likes teasing, and usually studies with Remus Lupin, plays Wizarding Chess with Peter Pettigrew-- who had a crush on her during First to Fourth year-- and generally annoying Sirius Black.

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