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Amanra Aheka
Biographical information


Blood status


Physical description

Full Human



Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour

Medium Tone

Family information
Family members

Father, Mother, Grandparents, Egyptian Minister of Magic

Magical characteristics

Being Expelled from the wizarding world, Wand broken, etc.


Hemlock with Chimera Feather








Egypt, Slytherin



Early Life

Amanra was born into egypt's Aheka Family, while it is true that there are no longer any "true" pureblood family's left in the wizarding world The Aheka family of egypt (along with another family in china) are the closest things to it there is left. the Ahekas can trace their magical ancestry all the way back to the Priests of Ancient Egypt Thus Amanra is what one might call an "ultra" pureblood, A fact whitch she was made aware of very early in life. However while the Aheka's have pride in their "ultra" pure blood heratige the way they view others is somewhat hard to describe as it it diferant then that of most purebloods. the simplest way to put it would be that they view other purebloods as Tudor royalty would view nobility and half and muggleborns the way Tudor royalty would view commoners. (Read Coroline meyer's books) The Aheka's are very much involved in the upper circles of egypts magical comunity, especialy the government. As such Amanra did not grow up in the same type of muggle hating atmosphere as many pure bloods. She did however grow up well off and with early exposure to duty, responsability, pride, and power and very much in the middle of egypt's political atmosphere, as such she learned self control very early as well as how to hide her emotions, and also Oculemency, somthing That Aheka's learn VERY early.

Pre Hogwarts Magical Schooling

Egyption Wizards Spend a year learning magical theory and other basics before actually getting their wands and starting to practise magic. They however start learning practical magic at the age of 11 same as british students. (they also train for 8 years instead of 7) Amanra spent a year of magical theroy and her first two years of magical training at the Egyptian Wizarding school. She proved to be very good at Potions alchemy and dueling not suprisingly consitering her wand she was said to be remarkably fast at the later fireing off spells Quickly, and furiusly

Hogwarts Years

In the summer after her second year of magical training Amanra's Parents where appointed the Egyptian ambassadors to the British Ministry of Magic. (This showed the amount Egypt wanted good relations to the British as the minister would only trust the job to family) Thus it was decided that Amanra should attend Hogwarts as a show of good faith, Where she entered in her third year and was quickly sorted into Slytherin. Amanra Chose the electives Alchemy, Divination, Arithmancy, and Runes


Potions: O Charms: A Transfiguration: O DADA: E Herbology: A (barley) History of Magic: A Runes: E Alchemy: O Arithmancy: A (Almost E) Divination: A

She continued with potions, transfiguration, charms, DADA, Runes, and Alchemy.

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