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Alyce with necklace

Alyce, during her first year, with her school shirt and Grandmother's necklace

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Alyce Harmony Paiper is a student at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is in Slytherin house and is best known for her deviousness, tomboy attitude and her playful personality.

Alyce recieved her acceptance letter in July 1992 and attended the school from the September following; she completed her schooling in 1999, at the end of her 7th year. She is of Pureblood heritage and was raised by her father John Paiper, a worker at a Zonko's Joke Shop store in London, after he separated from her mother, Lucy Paiper (nee Kirk) when Alyce was only 6 years old. Alyce has one sibling, her twin Scarlett Victoria Paiper who was raised by their mother, which she is identical to except from some minor details. These details include:

Eyes: Alyce's eyes are slightly greener than Scarlett's,

Hair: Alyce's hair is waist-length (Scarlett's is shoulder length),

Birthmark: Alyce's birthmark is on her hip, while Scarlett's is on her chin (usually covered with make-up)

Alyce sticking tongue out
Alyce Harmony Paiper
Biographical information

15 October 1981

Blood status





Hogwarts Student Slytherin

Physical description





Adverage height

Hair colour

Golden blonde

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • John Paiper (father)
  • Lucy Kirk (Maritial: Paiper) (mother)
  • Scarlett Victoria Paiper (twin sister)
Magical characteristics



13 3/4 inches, Pine, Banshee Hair






Alyce's relationship with her twin is often questioned as they were raised by different parents and had always had a deep disliking for one another, even to the extent of being housed into rivaling houses.

'"my identical twin, we might look the same but we're completely different, she's atrocious as a person. We don't see eye-to-eye…at all" I added quickly. He didn't respond, most people don't when it comes to the identical twins hating each other sort of conversations… they're just awkward.' Chapter 2: Their new world; Alyce's first conversation with Draco Malfoy.

On her first day at Hogwarts, directly after her sorting, Alyce made friends with students from the year group above her, Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. Although having already met Luna Lovegood of her own year group, whom she seemingly despised during her journey by Hogwarts Express.


Draco Malfoy

Alyce's relationship with Draco Malfoy began soon after she sat down at the Slytherin table after her sorting, at first Alyce was unsure of his presence in the group of friends she had obtained. While Draco seemed to have think more of her. However Alyce's liking for him slowly grew after she realised how Draco could be used to her advantage to annoy/hurt her twin and eventually faded into a firm friendship.

Pansy Parkinson

'straight away I had someone next to me on my right trying to get my attention. I looked towards them, it was a girl in one of the older year groups sitting with a lot of boys.

'Did anyone say you could sit there?' she told me angrily

did anyone say you could sit there?' I asked her patronisingly 'I can sit where I like

'leave the kid alone, Pansy' one of the boys beside her said,' Chapter 2: Their new world; Alyce's reactions on first encountering Pansy Parkinson.

Alyce's relationship with Pansy Parkinson, although starting off tensily, quickly became her first friendship at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which resulted in her becoming friends with Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. Although Pansy admitted soon after meeting Alyce that she doesn't often hang around with the boys, during most of the time in Alyce's company they hung around as a large group, apart from Crabbe and Goyle who preffered to stay in The Great Hall for extra servings of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Scarlett Victoria Paiper:

As mentioned above, Scarlett is Alyce's identical twin, although they grew up from birth until six years old together they never learned to get along. When their parents divorced in 1987, Scarlett stayed with her mother while Alyce was taken to another house with her father. After this, although they occasionally had to see each other their contact was limited until they started Hogwarts, where their rivalry was intensified and displayed for many to see. In late September 1992, they were even sent to see Professor Dumbledore over a commotion they had caused while arguing at the castle's entrance. Scarlett is described as being a "girly-girl" and "disgusting" to Alyce but this could be simply due to a difference in their upbringing or difference in the importance of things such as friendship, looks or expression of their feelings.

Despite being so hateful of each other both twins had nicnames for the other that most likely had lasted in their memories from their early years of life. Scarlett often called Alyce "Ally" for short, while Alyce often called Scarlett: "Scary Scarlett", "Not-So-Scary Scarlett", "Scary" and "S", the latter was often used by Alyce when she was being falsely polite or friendly towards her sister, while the first three nicnames were rarely used to Scarlett's face.

John Paiper

Alyce's relationship with John Paiper was very typical of a close father-daughter bond. However they seemed to have been made a lot closer by the separation of Alyce's parents when she was 6 years old and her father took her away. Due to Alyce's rivalry with her sister, even before this separation, she may have become closer with her father because she was grateful to him for taking her away from her sister. Alyce's nicname for her father is "monkey-man" which had been a lasting joke for as long as she could remember, it is unknown whether he had an affectionate nicname for her also.

There also appears to be a business link between father and daughter due to John Paiper's work at Zonko's Joke Shop in London, which Alyce states she often tests out his new products for them before they go into production. However this could simply be down to another inside joke, or wish about becoming a Zonko's tester, as the things Alyce is given to "test" have already been tested by experts at the shops headquarters, this suggests that these could simply be gifts that her father likes her to have simply because he can send them before anybody else could buy them. It is unknown whether Alyce's contributions make any difference to the shops production of the items. It is also well-known that John Paiper had been teaching Alyce to fly since she was at least 6 years old, however this may not have anything to do with a business venture as Alyce shows no sign of this being a vocational activity for her, she simply enjoys the thrill of being in the air.

Lucy Paiper (nee Kirk)

Mostly, Alyce's relationship with her mother is unknown as she has not often seen her since she was 6 years old. However in the brief mentions of her past there is a fair amount of related to her mother, while her mother herself is never mentioned. While on her way to Hogwarts, at King's Cross station, Alyce's father takes Alyce over to her mother and Scarlett to wish Scarlett good luck, and although Alyce's attention is mainly on her twin her mother is barely mentioned, except in conversation with her father, and so it could be assumed that she was not interested in Alyce's presence, or that Alyce was simply not paying attention to her mother's interaction with herself. Either way this suggests that the bond between mother and daughter had clearly suffered on one end or another.

It does not always seem to have been this way however, in one of Alyce's mentions of the past her thoughts drag up the memory of a howler sent to her father soon after leaving her mother and Scarlett. The main focus of this howler was Alyce in hopes of getting her back from her father, after which Alyce begged her father not to take her back to "her or scary", this suggests that her mother's bond was strong with Alyce as a young child but unreciprocated by Alyce. Although this could also be misconstrued to be just that to Alyce as a child her mother directly linked to Scarlett.

The Weasley's

Alyce's relationship with the Weasley's is very weak. However through both Scarlett's friendship with them and Draco's hatred of them Alyce has an undeniable relationship with them.

Ginny Weasley

Alyce's relationship with Ginny Weasley is mainly digust, through which intensifies her disgust of Scarlett as many times throughout her education Alyce witnesses many girly moments that Ginny shares with Scarlett, from gossiping to hugs. However due to Alyce and Ginny sharing mutual interests (Quidditch) and attitude similarities, particularly their habit to speak their mind, it is unknown whether Alyce and Ginny could have been friends if it were not for Ginny's friendship with Scarlett. However due to Ginny's dislike of Slytherins, particularly Draco Malfoy, there is a strong likelihood that this would not have worked out.

Fred and George Weasley

Alyce's relationship to the twins were very different from her relationship to the other Weasley children. From the moment she saw the twins she had an attraction to them, and despite their company and family, Alyce admired their personalities, looks and attitudes of which they were infamous for holding. Another link to the Weasley twins went farther back for Alyce than even for Scarlett's with them as she had experience through her father of their constant need for more joke items and hopeful requests for both dated, on offer and unreleased goods from Zonko's joke shop. These items were most likely both to help with their tricks around school and the invention of their own joke items.


Although the name of her grandmother is currently unknown, Alyce clearly had a bond with her grandmother as on her death Alyce recieved a 'very large delicately detailed [necklace] with several sparkling jewels, it looked rather old fashion but stylish at the same time' and Alyce treasures this item so much that she has it on most of the time. Even Scarlett knows that she "super-glued it to [her] neck" this suggests that Alyce probably had done this since the death of her grandmother when she was 4 years old, perhaps at the time to simply keep it away from Scarlett.

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