Template:Character infobox Allectus Nero Livingston (1670-1887) was a wandmaker, known for his wildly varying success with his creations. He pioneered several wandmaking techniques, and during his time, became a master of wandlore.


Early life

Livingston was born in Godric's Hollow, Surrey, in 1670. He was educated in Hogwarts and Sorted into Ravenclaw. As a student, Livingston showed potential and was made a prefect, but lacking any visible ambition, was deemed a failure by the faculty.

Adult life

After finishing his education, Livingston set up shop as a wandmaker in his hometown. He lived a happy, content, experimenting with wandlore and became very well known for his products. Livingston's wands today are highly collectable, rated even better then those of rivals such as Ollivander or Gregorovitch.


Livingston was a very amicable fellow, easy to make friends and hard to make enemies. He did not have a mind for profit, and truly enjoyed his work. He was also known among his friends for his affinity for pipe tobacco.

Wandmaking Advances


Livinston was known for disregarding normal wandmaking conventions, crafting wands of materials such as ivory and stone, as well as wood. As well as the standard phoenix feather, dragon heartstring, and unicorn hair, Livingston made many wand cores with Acromantula silk, Basilik plumes, Chimaera fur and Manticore bristles. He also experimented, with varying success, with Griffin and Hippogriff feathers, Re'em and Nundu heartstrings, and Runespoor, Sea Serpent, and Sphinx sinews.

Elder Wand

Livingston never received credit for his greatest creation, the Elder Wand. The Elder Wand was stolen out of his shop in the middle of night by Antioch Peverell, who would meet his demise soon after. As the Elder Wand changed hands, its fame grew, but Livingston never made the connection between the so-called Wand of Destiny and the one that was stolen from his shop so many years ago.

Ebon Wand

Livingston considered the Ebon Wand to be his magnum opus. He wielded this wand as a personal favorite from 1824 until his death in 1887.