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Allana Lilibella Sayre Cullen Potter
Biographical information

November 19, 2002, London

Blood status



Allie (common)

Allana Potter (common)

Alice Swann


Heir Princess


Physical description

Human (mostly)

Vampire (partially)





Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Hadrian James Potter (father)

Renesmee Carlie Potter née Cullen (mother)

Lily Potter née Evans (paternal grandmother)

James Potter (paternal grandfather)

Isabella Marie Cullen née Swan (maternal grandmother)

Edward Masen Cullen (maternal grandfather)

Euphemia Potter (paternal great-grandmother)

Fleamont Potter (paternal great-grandfather)

Charlie Swan (maternal great-grandfather)

Renée Dwyer née Higgenbotham (maternal great-grandmother)

Carlisle Cullen (maternal great-grandfather)

Esme Cullen née Evansen (maternal great-grandfather)

Petunia Dursley née Evans (paternal great-aunt)

Jasper Whitlock Cullen (maternal great-uncle)

Mary Alice Cullen née Brandon (maternal great-aunt)

Rosalie Cullen née Hale (maternal great-aunt)

Emmett McCarthy Cullen (maternal great-uncle)

Vernon Dursley (paternal great-uncle)

Dudley Dursley (paternal second cousin)

Potter Family (paternal)

Cullen Family (maternal)

Swan Family (maternal)

Dursley Family (maternal)

Sayre Family (distant maternal)

Slytherin Family (distant maternal)

Peverell Family (distant paternal)

Magical characteristics

Jacob Black


Rowan, Phoenix feather, 14", unyielding




Empress of Pottermore Empire


Pottermore Empire

Allana Lilibella Sayre Cullen Potter was born to Hadrian James Potter and Renesmee Carlie Cullen-Potter on November 19, 2002 in London. She was half-blood and the Heir Princess of her father's empire, the Pottermore Empire.

Potter was raised in isolation for most of her life, given rituals and tutoring to make her the best ruler and witch she could be. She lived in the Olympia Palace where the Cullen coven ruled and learned from the vampires.

A week before her fifteenth birthday, her father invited her to a coming-of-age ceremony and was kidnapped by a resistance against the Emperor. Potter learned the stories of this resistance group and chose to take action.

She trained with the leaders of the resistance, and became a powerful fighter with one goal: assassinate the emperor and his empress, and take her rightful place onto the throne.


Early Childhood


Potter was raised in the Olympia Palace in Forks alongside her maternal family, the vampires. Her grandfather tutored her in music, her grandmother in literature, her great-uncle in military strategy, the sciences by her great-grandfather, and other various arts.

She was alone and rarely seen by anyone. It was well-known she existed, but no one knew what she looked like, nor where the daughter of the Emperor was.

Potter's great-grandfather, on her father's orders, did rituals to increase her magical potential, and Potter's mental health suffered for it. She was left alone to cope with great power of an Obscurus, and great loneliness, and resented her family for the burden.

As a girl, she read science-fiction novels in the Star Wars universe and identified strongly with Anakin Solo, while wishing she could be the Allana Djo Solo in the books because the Allana in that universe was loved, unlike Potter.


Malfoy Manor


Allana Potter in the cellar of Malfoy Manor

A week before her fifteenth birthday, Potter was invited to a coming-of-age ceremony in Seelie Castle in England by her father. During her first day in the castle, she attended a fitting for the robes she would wear to the ceremony. There, Potter noticed that the Royal Seamstress was afraid of her father and began to question why her father made everyone, including herself, feel that way.

Before the ceremony could be completed, however, Potter was kidnapped by a Resistance group. This group was called Dumbledore's Army and they kidnapped Potter to try and make her their chosen one and have her defeat her father in a J'daii duel. She initially escaped from the cellar with her internal magic, but couldn't and was confronted by the leader of the rebel cell, Astoria Malfoy. Malfoy explained the circumstances to Potter, who remained defiant.

Potter was then put under the Imperius Curse. She would wake up from the Curse a month later because of her power rebelling. She transformed into her Obscurus. In her rage, she killed Astoria Malfoy and destroyed Malfoy Manor, alerting the team investigating her kidnapping to the rebel cell there.

Scamander Cottage

Outside of Scamander Cottage, Potter was talked down from her Obscurus form by Credence Scamander and the famous Newton and Porpentina Scamander. She lied about her name, hoping that the Scamanders wouldn't find out or hurt her because of her royal heritage.

It turned out that the Scamanders already knew, as did the Legillimens Queenie Goldstein-Kowalski. They welcomed her despite being the daughter of Hadrian Potter. They also showed their disdain for what Dumbledore's Army had done to her.


Claire Danes

Wardrobe of Allana Potter.

Allana Potter was a pretty girl, with dark wavy hair and a pale heart-shaped face. She had her father's green eyes and the slight build of both parents.

She wore casual, cutesy outfits when alone and having her own choice, believing in being as comfortable as possible if she must one day rule the Pottermore Empire.

If she had to dress formally, however, she let her parents and other nobles decide her wardrobe, having no cares for such things. She especially let her father pick her wardrobe due to her fear of him.


Potter had a heart and an empathy that had not been seen for two generations in the Swan family and three in the Cullen family. Her sense of justice was innate and she was an ambitious young lady. Her tenacity helped her carry out said justice.

According to the wand that chose her, she had a pure heart a unique potential, although she questioned that considerably.

She was also noticeably intelligent, able to plan ahead and rule an empire containing most of the Western World effectively and to the point that the people enjoyed her rule.

She was afraid of her father and often felt unloved. She suffered a loneliness that would become her parents' downfall. She feared her father's wrath, as well as Jacob Black.

Potter inherited her father's snark, and this showed up during stressful situations, such as her kidnapping by Dumbledore's Army. It was noted that she was consumed by spells like the Imperius Curse and was surprisingly docile under them. She was often scared and felt she was weak because of this.

Powers and Abilities

Being a witch and vampire hybrid, Allana Potter had unprecedented power and abilities.

  • Magic- Potter had the ability to use magic and at a heightened ability thanks to her great-grandfather's experiments.
  • Obscurial- Potter had developed an Obscurus from Dr. Cullen's experiments. She had a little more control than the average Obscurial, but could still lose control of it.
  • Parselmouth- like her father, Potter could talk to snakes.
  • Super Speed- while not as fast as vampires, Potter could run faster than the average human.
  • Super Strength- While not as strong as vampires or werewolves, Potter was stronger than most humans.
  • Legillimency- Like her mother, Potter was a powerful Legillimens, able to force emotions and images on another person, and able to break down shields like Isabella Cullen's.
  • Mechanical Expertise- Potter could repair mechanical devices such as cars and planes.



Harry Potter (Slytherin)

Allana Potter's father, Emperor Hadrian Potter.


Allana Potter's mother, Empress Renesmee Potter.

Potter disliked her father and feared him, and disliked her mother as well. She felt unloved by her parents, leading for her greatest desire to be for her parents to be normal, loving parents in the Mirror of Erised. Her father at least attempted to be there for her, although not very well.

Renesmee Cullen disliked Potter and tried to avoid her own daughter. This left Potter quite jaded in regard to her parents.

Potter hated to admit it, but several of her parents' traits did rub off on her and scarred her for life, knowing that she was so similar to those who had wrecked the lives of so many people under their empire.

While Potter did realize that her father had ruined several lives, she felt powerless against him. She was reluctant to fight him and believed it to be impossible.

Potter tolerated and even liked some of her maternal relatives. The Cullens mostly raised her, although she disliked Carlisle Cullen for the magical rituals he inflicted upon her. Jasper Whitlock Cullen, Mary-Alice Cullen, and Rosalie Cullen were the favorites of Potter. She did not know the Swan side of the family, nor Isabella Cullen's mother, stepfather, stepmother, or step-siblings.

James Lily and Harry

Lily and James Potter

Potter knew nothing of her paternal relatives except for the names of her grandparents. She'd heard the legend of what happened to them and they were in the Mirror of Erised as the loving parents she deserved. She did not know at all about the Dursley family except they were among the eight most punished families under the Pottermore Empire.

She did know of her ancestral ties, however, and was quite proud of them. Being descended from the Peverell, Sayre, Potter, and Slytherin lines was considered an honor.


Potter did not interact much with the nobles in her father's court, but she actively distrusted them and feared them. She did know of several high-ranking nobles, such as Headmistress Hermione Granger of Hogwarts, the second most powerful woman under the Pottermore Empire, excepting the Empress herself.

Dumbledore's Army

Astoria Malfoy

Potter and Malfoy met sometime in the November of 2016 during the kidnapping of Potter by Dumbledore's Army. Malfoy intended to use Potter as their Chosen One against Hadrian Potter and a child empress to rule behind. She claimed to also know Potter's mother and referred to Potter's mother fondly. When Potter refused to play along with Malfoy's schemes, however, she used the Imperius Curse on Potter.

This caused Potter's Obscurus to rebel and murder Malfoy.

Delphini Riddle/Malfoy

Riddle, who was publically and legally known as Malfoy, met Potter during the kidnapping. Riddle was the Oracle of the Malfoy Manor rebel cell, and told Potter a few lines of her prophecy.

Scamander Family

The Scamanders welcomed her and treated her like they would their own family because she was just a child.


  • Allana's name comes from the Legends daughter of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo. Like the other Allana, she is the daughter of a dark lord and a beautiful queen and has a strong potential with the use of magic.
  • When drawing upon her internal magic, it appears to be red, much like Scarlet Witch's magic in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Allana may be an Obscurus.


Throne of Balance (first appearance)

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