Alfred McElroy was a physician that lived and worked on the Isle of Kinnimoore. He was an able doctor and had a deft hand with a scalpel, but carried some hidden emotional baggage. McElroy was a closest alcoholic, drinking himself into a stupor several nights out of the week.

In 1987, McElroy was called upon to treat the wound of a man whose hand had been cut off under the orders of Lord Jabez Shell, the Minister of Justice. McElroy was completely inebriated at the time, and did a very poor job. The man died of gangrene and blood poisoning several days later.

After this, McElroy sunk into a depression and eventually drank himself to death. To avoid a scandal, Lord Shell ordered McElroy's body buried before it could be examined, and reported the death to be caused by a stroke.

McElroy was replaced as the community doctor of Kinnimoore by his son, Miles McElroy.

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