Albus Potter and the Sorting of the Students is a next generation story by Sgeulachdan.


Albus Potter's first year at Hogwarts. Mysterious attacks, an inept headmaster, and a Sorting Hat that's coming apart at the seams make for an interesting experience.

Albus Potter and the Sorting of the Students features interweaving storylines, an ensemble cast of characters, suspense, surprise, and plenty of action.


  1. A New Story Begins
  2. Diagon Alley
  3. Of Dinnertime Discussion
  4. The Journey to Hogwarts
  5. The Sorting
  6. Friends & Enemies
  7. Politics
  8. Vexes & Voices
  9. Five Days
  10. Anger Management
  11. The Secret Letter
  12. The Sorting Hat
  13. Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
  14. Revelations, Part I
  15. Long Train Running
  16. The Aurors
  17. Nadine
  18. Anger & Suspense
  19. Camping
  20. Defying Expectations
  21. Revelations, Part II
  22. Traitor
  23. Recovery
  24. "Epilogue"

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