Albus Potter and the Rise of the Dark Alliance is a novel written by Vekin87.

The story is preceded by Albus Potter and the Foulest Book, and followed by Albus Potter and the Silver Wizard.


Fear. Chaos. Panic has consumed the Wizarding World, and every day whispers of an attack are heard. The riots and rallies of times passed are now common place, and the threat presented by Reginald Ares has never seemed more real as he lurks in the shadows with his newly named " Diciples of Change", seemingly waiting for the opportune moment to srike. But beyond this a civil war is brewing, one that may be more disastrous than the war that everyone fears. The public has taken it's stand against the Ministry. For the first time in years, the word " Renegade" is being used.

But amidst all of this anarchy Albus Potter enters his fourth year of Hogwarts, where the castle stands as the only comfort he has in a world where his father is now a pariah. But in between strange, sadistic dreams that he can never seem to remember, and a new professor who seems to have a vendetta against Slytherin House, Albus finds the safe haven of Hogwarts more hectic than ever. And though he has his friends to depend on, the year is made all the more terrifying when he learns that he's in more danger than he thought. Someone- for some reason- has a price on his head. And someone's looking to collect, too.


Albus Potter and the Rise of the Dark Alliance(2020-2021)

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