Albus Potter and the Foulest Book is a novel written by Vekin87.

The story is preceded by Albus Potter and the Dragonfang Wand, and followed by Albus Potter and the Rise of the Dark Alliance.


  1. Office Pranks
  2. The New Head
  3. James the Great
  4. A Very Weasley Sorting
  5. Dark Magic
  6. The Prefect Out of Order
  7. Secrets and Strategies
  8. Renegades
  9. Patented Potter Pick-Up Lines
  10. The Sighting
  11. Red War
  12. The Family Pensieve
  13. Uncontrollable Fire
  14. Second Chances
  15. The Deal
  16. The Foulest Book
  17. Battle for the Torch
  18. The Trap
  19. The Awakening
  20. The Escape
  21. James the Noble


Albus Potter and the Foulest Book (2019-2020)

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