Albus Potter and the Dragonfang Wand is a novel written by Vekin87.

The story is preceded by Albus Potter and the Dungeon of Merlin's Mist, and followed by Albus Potter and the Foulest Book.


  1. The Twisted Street
  2. Broomsticks and Birthdays
  3. Fair and Wilde
  4. The Return to Hogwarts
  5. The Seeker and the Sound
  6. The Stray Wand
  7. Inspections at Hogwarts
  8. The Halloween Duel
  9. The Nightly Wandering of Headmaster Ares
  10. Welcome to Malfoy Manor
  11. The Visitor
  12. Advice From a Madman
  13. The Dragonfang Wand
  14. Rematch and the Recluse
  15. The Informant
  16. At the Edge of the Forest
  17. A Bittersweet Beginning
  18. Foulest Book preview


Albus Potter and the Dragonfang Wand (2018-2019)

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