Albus Potter and the Black Badger Society is a next generation novel being written by Bartimus Crotchety, occurring in the Threefold Cord timeline, in which Albus Potter, Rose Weasley, and Scorpius Malfoy return for their second year at Hogwarts as students of Hufflepuff House.

It is the second story in the Threefold Cord FT and is preceded by Albus Potter and the Year of the Badger.


His first year, he made a friend out of a potential enemy, carried the hopes of a downtrodden House, defeated a Dark Wizard with help, and made the House team at Chaser. Things are about to get difficult! This is the next adventure of the Tenacious Trio.


  1. About a Wand
  2. Conversations and Crisps
  3. The Cousin No One Talks About
  4. Mal-Practice
  5. Enter the Hunter
  6. Cat's Paw
  7. First Day Blues
  8. Escalation
  9. One Bad Loop
  10. Late, Better Than Never
  11. Of Owls and Allegations
  12. Too Many Advisors
  13. The Hole in the Orchard
  14. The Dark Lord Inside
  15. Being Petty
  16. Waiting for the Next Owl
  17. It Happened One Halloween


Albus Potter and the Black Badger Society (2018-2019)

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