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"Maintaining a democracy is never easy, but I would rather lay down my life than allow France to become another authoritarian police state, that I can assure you."
—An excerpt from Alain Delacour's speech after his ascension to the post of Minister for Magic.
Minister Alain Louis Delacour (b. 7 January 1951) was a French wizard and politician; he served as the Head of France's Department of Wizarding Justice and was both France's Deputy Minister and Minister for Magic from 1989 to 1995 and 1995 to 2001 respectively. He was the only child of Sebastian and Camille Delacour (née De Santa) and attended Beauxbatons Academy of Magic from 1962 to 1969 before attending the European Magical University and graduating with a Wizard's Degree in government and law.

Throughout the seventies, Alain was active with the French Democratic Movement, the main opposition to the authoritarian regime of magical France, called the Regime of the Aurors. Alain witnessed the Auror-led coup of the government during his graduating year and was determined to see a return of democracy to wizarding France, taking part in the Quiet Revolution of 1978. During this time, Alain married Apolline Laurent, a Veela fashion model, and the couple had two daughters; Fleur Isabelle and Gabrielle Dominique Delacour. After the Revolution, Alain became Head of the Department of Wizarding Justice until 1989, where he became Deputy Minister for Magic under Nolan Petain and finally Minister for Magic.

During his time as Minister for Magic, Alain's family was threatened by the Sons of Grindelwald. He created a task force that successfully tracked down and destroyed the organization's leadership and Alain helped bring the rest of the terrorists to justice. After his tenure as the French Minister for Magic, Alain retired from politics but continued to make public appearances and as of 2017, still holds much influence within magical France due to his popularity.