Aion, commonly referred to as God, is the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omnibenevolent supreme deity of the Universe and its creator. By definition, Aion is above the Perennials, and it is rare for him to manifest in person.

At the beginning, Aion had two souls, these being Al-Aion and Fa-Aion. Constantly in conflict, the two eventually joined, forming a single soul called Al-Aernus. In this event, the soul of Al-Aernus was formed as well, it being the oversoul which gave origin to the Sacred Twelve, all embodying one or more qualities of God.

In the Al-Antidian Empire, his high priest was the Divine Sovereign himself.


  • In Graeco-Roman mythology, Aion is a primordial deity which embodies "unbound time", in contrast with the empirical time (past, present and future) represented by Chronos.


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