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Basic Information on Aiko

  • Name: Aiko Laven
  • Height: 4"9'
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Birthday: March 21,1992
  • Blood Status: Half Blood (Vampire/Witch)
  • Wand: Custom Star wand with Unicorn Horn
  • Mother: Ai Laven (Witch)
  • Father: Lee Laney (Vampire)
  • Sisters and Brothers: May Laven (Younger sister, Age 8) and Leman Laven (Older Brother, Age 19; Muggle)
  • School: Salem Witches Institute
  • House: Wolfy
  • House Animal: The Wolf

Early Life

Aiko was born in Iron Mountian, Michigan at Loren Midwife center. Her mother had a natural water birth which runs in the family. Her mother and father never married. She lived most of her younger life with her wealthy Grandmother and Mother. She went to a private Muggle high school named North Light High School.

She was raised with most of the things she wished to have. She had a great interest in Salem Witchs Institute in Salem, Massachusstts.

The Letter

Aiko got her letter to attend Salem Witches Institute at the age of 18, In the USA Witches start their Magical training when they become of age.

The Letter Said:

Dear, Aiko Laven

You have been accepted in Salem Witches Institute to began your magical train. We welcome you to become a part the best magical school in the nation. The following is a list of school supplys you will need:

  • One wand
  • Long Black Skirts (Women) or Black Pants (Men)
  • A Shirt (Long and Short Sleeve) in the color of Black (Male and Female)
  • Heels(Women) an Dress Shoes (Men)
  • 5 notebooks for each trimester
  • 5 folders for each trimester
  • A dress for a 5 dances a year
  • 1 bible
  • A prayer journal
  • Un Named Books

(The rest of the letter was burned in a fire in a girls dorm fire.)

During School

Aiko was welcomed to the school with the rest of the first year students in a huge feast. The feast offered many foods including Hamburgers, French Fries, Turkey, Mashed Potatos, Turkey Gravy, Stuffing, Corn, Peas, and watermelon. Drinks include Sweet Tea, Hot Tea, Coco, Kool-Aid.

Aiko was sorted in Wolfy by the sorting ring owned by the school's founder. During her first week she became the most popular girl in school and the school's Queen Bee.

USA National Cheerleading Team

During her 2nd year at Salem Withes Institute, She become the Head Cheerleader of the US National Cheer Team. She became even more popular after it was annoused at the Schools Beganning of the Year Dress where she wore a Kimono.

She was also made head cheerleader of the Wolfy House Cheer Team.

After School

  • Aiko Applyed to go to college
  • 4 years later she graduated from college with a degree in human services
  • She worked as a counsular
  • Aiko Then Married
  • Had one daughter and One Son


  • Salem and The Witch's Necklace

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