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this is starfightoffire s OC. Please do not use without my prermission.

Aiden Jade

Aiden Jade is a student at hogwarts academy and is in his third year.

He is smart, a pure blood, deadly,and is a parceltoung. He also is a dragon trainer and knows how to handle a situation where his life is in danger. He maybe immortal and can move objects with his mind.


He is very rouge and likes to do things his own way. He is Smarter than anyone will know and can use dark spells.

Bad blood

He has black blood that is said to be cursed. In my fanfic called " bad blood" he is the main protagonist.

  Aiden Jade
Gender  Male
Eyes  Green
Hair  Dyed Lime Green
Born  9/18/02
Died  {{{Date of Death}}}
Blood  His blood is black
Title  {{{Title}}}
Alias  {{{Alias}}}
Wand  One with a dragon scale inside, his wand is indisructible and looks like it is made out of moss and dark oak bark it is also "14
Patronus  {{{Patronus}}}
Occupation  Dragon trainer
Affiliation  {{{Affiliation}}}

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