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Aestusia (A-tuss-E-a) is the Hot Air Stream Charm. The Hot Air Stream Charm creates a jet of heat that can be used to melt snow, dry ones self off or just to keep warm.

Incantation and Wand Movement

The intensity and temperature of the stream depends on the casters wand movements. The caster must flick their wand upwards, then back down while saying the correct incantation to acheive the heat stream. The amount of force you put into the downward flick is what decides the temeprature and power of the stream. The more forceful the flick is the hotter and more intense the jet stream will be, but if the downward flick is lighter then the the temeprature and power are both lower. When the spell is completed the jet stream will continue to come forth from the tip of the wand until the caster repeats the upward then downward flick movement (with no incantation), which will caused the Jet Stream to die out.


The Hot Air Charm was created in 1901 by Willius Darsh, who was an out of work inventor who had been forced on the street due to his lack of money. He created the spell to keep himself warm at night in the dark alleys of London, but then patened it with the Ministry of Magic and received a large cash payment for it. The spell grew in popularity, especially during Winter, and later famous Charm inventor Cathlene Splitzin created the 'upward flick, downward flick' motion to control the temperature and power in 1963. In 1993, some contreversy was brought up over the spell when Marcus Denington claimed his great, great uncle was the real inventor of the Hot Air Charm and went to court with the decendants of Willius Darsh who were still living off of Willius' fortune. The Ministry Court ruled in favor of the Decendants of Willius Darsh after it was revealed Marcus Denington was a fraud trying to make some extra cash. He served 2 months in Bridgeport Prison for fraud.

Aestus Latin. Heat.

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