Aernus, also known as the Sleeping God, is a deity worshipped by the various Perennial cults in the Roman Empire. He is the primordial embodiment of unity, and is commonly associated with major deities across other religions, such as the Abrahamic God. He manifests himself in the mortal world as the Incarnate, a semi-mortal who despite not possessing Aernus's memories, is the Sleeping God made flesh and blood. All universes are unconscious creations of Aernus, as they are his dream made reality.

His counterpart in the Indo-Persian cults is Ayavan.


The deity which would be known as Aernus was born from the union of the first three Perennials, Tau, Chronos and Mors. The fourth of the Progenitor caste of the Perennial species, his conception would give birth to the concept of unity, which allowed the Perennials to connect their own domains, and would also eventually be the main pillar of the creation of the universe. His first offspring were Nox and Athor, the embodiments of darkness and light, respectively. Later, he and the Eternal known as Victoria would join together, becoming eternal consorts. From this union were born Ananke, Nemesis, Khazar and Coeus, who would join their mother in the ranks of the Eternal Court as part of the Eternal caste. Ananke would then become the eternal consort of Chronos, her grandfather, and with him she would give birth to the three embodiments of fate.

Aernus's motivation for the creation of the universe came from the appearance of an entity called both "the Tower" and "the Spear", which was a fragment of the event of Ur-Creation, therefore possessing powers which many Perennials wished to possess. Eventually, after seeing the failures of his brethren in attempting to claim the entity's power, Aernus decided to question it, and upon doing so, the Tower revealed to him that it would be his three mortal manifestations which would allow him to access its power. Upon such revelation, Aernus created Hypnos, the embodiment of sleep, and Morpheus, the embodiment of dreams. The existence of these two new concepts allowed Aernus to enter a deep slumber around the Tower, and so he began to dream of the universe, awakening in random intervals, only to fall asleep again.

Physical appearance

Although he does not possess a true physical form, considering that Aernus is the very embodiment of unity, when taking a humanoid form, Aernus appears as a male teenager, his skin being of a light colour, despite having clear traces of celestial bodies in it. In this form, Aernus has brown hair and glowing purple eyes, said colour being the one attributed to the deity.

In this humanoid body, Aernus is seen wearing what seems to be a mixture of the old garments of the Atlantean sovereign and the regalia of the Roman Emperor, while holding a spear on his right hand.


  • In real life, Aernus is the name of a Celtiberian deity, and was once worshipped in the vicinity of Braganza, which is today one of the districts of Portugal.
  • The sobriquet "All-in-One" which is attributed to Aernus, is one of the many names given to the Outer God Yog-Sothoth from the Lovecraft Mythos.


King of Kings, Ruling Over Rulers (mentioned only)

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