The Aenean Orthodox Church is the largest Perennial cult in the entire Roman Empire, and it is stated that most of the population are adherents to this Church. It was founded in the 11th century, based on the teachings of Aeneas, a Christian monk and philosopher who lived during the 8th century, and during his life became a believer in the Perennial faith.

Over the centuries, as the Aenean Church grew, it absorbed the other Perennial cults, and new cults emerged from the new church. The Church itself is heavily based on Christian, Hellenic and Perennial mythology, while its internal structure strongly resembles that of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

At the top of the hierarchy of the church is the Roman Emperor, as the Aeneans believe that he is the mortal incarnation of Aernus, the Perennial of Unity. Below the Emperor is the Pentarchy, which holds de facto power over the entire Church.


The Aenean Orthodox Church worships a group of Perennial deities known as the Eternal Court, which is divided into three sub-groups: the Sacred Twelve, the Eternals, and the Nameless Ones. Desprie recognizing other Perennial deities outside of the Eternal Court, the worship of said deities is restricted to other branches of the Aenean Church, which are in full communion with it.


King of Kings, Ruling Over Rulers (first appearance)

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