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Aedan Revolt
Biographical information

22nd December, 10000+ Years Ago



Blood status


Marital status


Also known as
  • The Demon King
  • Dark Lord
Physical information





5'10" (1.78m)

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour

Pale Tan

Family information
Family members
Magical characteristics

Alduin, the Dragon of Destruction


Unnamed Light-aligned Spell


Chaos Wand




Dark Magic Master

  • Dark Magic
  • Death Eaters

Aedan Revolt, also known as Lord Revolt or Master Revolt by Lord Voldemort, was a powerful as well as Ancient Dark Lord and an Immortal by the time of the Harry Potter Series. He was around during the Golden Age of Dark Magic: the 1000 Years of Darkness, he was sealed away along with his Master although Centuries later he communicated with Dark Wizards and Dark Witches from beyond the Veil, finally being revived by Morgan Le Fay and her son: Mordred.

Personality and traits

Due to his advanced age, Aedan is completely detached from the rest of the world. He even compares Humanity to a bacterium. He cares little for major events of the here and now like the Second Wizarding War, and despite his past involvement by Voldemort, only pays the events vague interest, resulting in his preference to wander off from his requested targets. Unlike the Death Eaters or Voldemort, Aedan considers The Order of the Phoenix and their involvement in the War to be highly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, unlike his younger half-siblings, Aedan is shown to have a more civil and calm manner when dealing with enemies he meets especially Harry Potter, due to his importance. Rather than attack Potter as his other Allies eventually have during their encounter, he instead invites the aspiring Dark Wizard to join him at the table to discuss the man's goals.

Aedan also through claims (from Lord Infernal) to be an acquaintance of The Creator of Dark Magic himself, stating that the two both share a similar advanced age to one another and that neither of them can remember which is older any more though Lord Infernal is betting on The Creator as he is their father. Later it is revealed that the Immortal is a lot like Voldemort in his desire for Balance and despite being callous at times he has a respect for the Natural Order of the Universe, he explains to Lord Infernal that there are times when it's difficult but in the end breaking the order in even the smallest way causes untold chaos, and he despises having to mop up the mess that follows on. Unlike the other Dark Wizards, Aedan has a level of respect for humans or, more specifically, the human soul. Aedan tells Harry that the Human soul is stronger than anyone knows and that it can suffer much but it cannot be broken. However, Aedan is mum as to why the souls seem to be so important.

Due to his age, Aedan claims to have seen everything therefore he seems not to be surprised by anything, because he's seen it before and time in the Lower Domain constantly repeats itself. Despite this however, he gets many surprises from Lord Infernal, since he usually caught him off guard in their Home domain during their games of cat and mouse - this is probably one of the reasons he's infatuated with him.

It is actually hinted that he has changed somewhat since his youth, he was impulsive and vindictive, according to Lord Infernal anyway. When he finally does appear before the Wizarding War, his impulsiveness has been long burned out of him so long as Lord Infernal isn't in trouble, his vindictiveness however as shown in later Chapters seems to able to brave the ages.

Physical Appearance

Aedan takes the form of a chocolate haired youth with blue-grey eyes, he wears dark clothes which usually contest of a dark jacket and grey jeans, tall and slightly muscular. He wears Black male knee high boots and usually carries on the middle finger of his right hand a black and white gemmed ring, his brown hair is a contrast to the Malfoy family's blond hair and Potter family's black hair.



Powers and Abilities


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