Template:Wizard individual infobox2Adriano Carlo De Santa (11 July 1419 - 26 December 1519) was a Venetian pure-blood wizard, artist, duelist, historian, astronomer, sculptor and linguist. He is the eldest son of Giacomo and Adreana De Santa (née Caravello) and elder brother of Mario De Santa. He was raised at the Tiepolo Estate and trained as a wizard by his father. Adriano studied history and was fascinated by languages; he was documented to have been able to speak at least forty-nine different languages fluently.

In his spare time, Adriano took to painting and sculpting, making small-scale artistic pieces and selling them at the market in Venice. By far his most proud achievement however was his skill in dueling; not with a wand, but with a sword. Adriano was a master duelist and claimed that nobody could defeat him, a claim he maintained until the day he died. Adriano met a fellow wizard, Cristina Firenze, after she watched his duel with a local. The two fell in love, but their relationship would appear to not have a happy ending; Cristina's father disapproved of their courtship and insisted she marry Amadeo Conti, a Florentine heir to a wealthy and influential wizarding family. Cristina departed to Florence while Adriano remained in Venice and the two would not meet again for another ten years.

Adriano would have several romantic ventures over the next decade, but none were serious; no woman could capture the heart of Adriano De Santa like Cristina Firenze. In a chance meeting while on a trip to Florence with his brother's family, Adriano stumbled upon a gambling game, where he saw none other than Amadeo Conti losing all his money. Adriano was wearing a mask, so Amadeo did not recognize him; Adriano forced Amadeo to take him to Cristina. When they found her, he forced Amadeo to tell the truth about his gambling addiction. Heartbroken, Cristina tore her wedding ring off and threw it at Amadeo's face. Adriano turned to leave, believing Cristina would not want to see him after all these years, but he was wrong. Cristina recognized his voice, tore his mask off and kissed him.

Adriano and Cristina reconciled and began their relationship anew. Cristina was granted a divorce by Amadeo and cut all ties with him and her family. The two were married in 1458 and had two children; Enzo and Claudia. They traveled south and purchased a property near Naples where Villa De Santa stands today. Adriano and his family lived peacefully until his passing the Christmas night, 1519.

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