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Adrian Shade is revealed to be an Immortal in the Altered Future Series, Adrian was a Slytherin at Hogwarts and lover of Tom Marvolo Riddle before and after his rise into Lord Voldemort, Adrian was killed by another Immortal whom had been serving Gellert Grindelwald and was aware of Adrian's obsession with the Deathly Hallows.



Adrian was born to an Unknown Mother in the Year 1927 on the 9th January, his father was believed to have fled away from his family but was later revealed with Adrian's Wizarding Inheritance, to have been Death himself. Adrian grew up surrounded by Magic and soon came into its inheritance by his tenth birthday, by then learning of the Deathly Hallows and becoming obsessed with them.

Education and the Death Eaters

By his 11th Birthday, Adrian was in Hogwarts being trained in the Magical Arts despite the number of Dark Arts that Adrian had self-taught himself and he even invented some new Dark Arts, eventually Adrian ran into another with a dark soul: Tom Marvolo Riddle. Adrian took interest in the future Dark Lord and soon became his Lover while following Riddle's interest in the Dark Arts, Adrian backed his learning and hoped for the time when Marvolo reached the apex of his power while he made allies with other Wizards, soon Marvolo and Adrian founded the creation of the Death Eaters as a claimed "School Gang" and "Study Group".

Rise of Voldemort and Death

After leaving Hogwarts, Adrian and Marvolo settled in looking at the growth of their group and the contacts needed to flood the world in their plans, Adrian gathered together the Death Eaters discreetly and gave Marvolo the chance to Mark them with the Dark Mark. With the Rise of the Dark Lord Voldemort, Adrian set about targeting his other targets and first he heard of another Immortal who had been caught by the Ministry thereby setting out to rescue that person, that person was named Kafele Mortis and would then be smitten with Voldemort who he claimed was his Soulmate causing later arguments between the two.

Kafele later would find his real Soulmate and Adrian would realize this on his last mission where he is tracking the Elder Wand for himself, this however would put him in a clash with an unnamed Immortal who desired the return of Dark Lord Gellert Grindelwald to power, the two fought a number of times however during their final battle it was Adrian that was struck down as only an Immortal can kill another Immortal. However before his death, taken in by the sorrow of not getting the primary Deathly Hallow along with being unable to forgive Kafele or say goodbye to Marvolo, Adrian used the entire of his remaining Dark Magic to strike down the Immortal responsible for his approaching death before then dying. Adrian's death stopped him from distracting and deterring Voldemort from being obsessed with his goal and therefore allowed him access more brutal tactics, eventually losing his sanity in the process, however Adrian would one-day be reborn through reincarnation as Harry Potter.

Personality and traits

Little is known about Adrian other than the brief fact that he was kind and gentle to those who he worked with despite being cruel and capricious to those whom were his enemies, though difficult to anger once angered he was a threat to anything that caused such anger or harm to those he cared about, Adrian was usually sarcastic and sardonic revealing that he had no problem with dying (despite the fact that he couldn't die at anyone's hands except those of another Immortal). Adrian was also both mischievous and witty, able to ripple any number of people into an angry frenzy, he could even get on Voldemort's nerves by effectively rubbing his pride which seeing the Dark Lord unwind gets him his kicks.

Physical Appearance

Like his later reincarnation, Adrian had black hair and Green eyes, he had a large powerful frame that was second only to Young Voldemort who had enough physical strength to make Adrian his submissive in their "Mate Bond". Adrian also had a love for the colour black, fighting with swords and even using/not using a wand or words when necessary.


Equipment, Genetic Powers and Magical Skills


Wand of Unicorn Tail Hair

Although not the strongest wand that Adrian could have come to possess, Adrian made great use of his Unicorn Tail Hair Wand which he used to cast a countless number of Dark Magic including Dark Magic that he created himself, his wand was so enhanced by both types of Magic that Dumbledore comments that in history the Wand could have matched the Elder Wand and himself with any talented wielder if briefly.

Ring of Death

As with all children of Death, Adrian had a ring that expressed his Title and Supernatural Powers, an indestructible ring that could not be removed. A replica of the ring appears on the Soulmate of the Immortal and cannot be removed or destroyed also, although it lacks the abilities of an Immortal it does give the wearer Immortality, an Advanced Bodily Healing Factor (against Fatal Injuries) and Eternal Youth also. A Ring of Death allows or enhances:

  • Creation and Control of Inferius (plural: Inferi)
  • Brief Communication with the Recent Dead
  • Advanced Bodily Healing Factor
  • When Magically Activated by saying the words: "Mors Reaper" and briefly afterwards with a person's name, it can cause long distance mental communication between Death, other Immortals and the chosen Immortal's Mate.

Genetic Powers

Naturally High Magic Levels

Being the son of Death, a powerful and immortal Supernatural Being, Adrian was capable of using massive amounts of Magical Energy without breaking a sweat. To this end he used his powers to destroy or save the lives of any individual he cared to look at, those he disliked great enough were used as experiments for his new Dark Arts spells, Adrian however could use such high levels of Magic that without using a power or enhanced wand would destroy a Wand's Core every time he used that level of power.

Attuned to all kinds of Magic

Adrian though his birthright is able to see/sense powerful levels of Magic and Auras, it a Wordless or Wandless Duel he could somewhat sense the intent of spells without having to know the name of the spell, Adrian could also read the intentions of some people through their auras.

Speed and Agility

Adrian was rather fast and acrobatic in duels, easily getting an upper hand on his enemies compared to Voldemort, who used raw power and elegant movements in-order to gain a successful defeat upon his enemies.

Cunning and Intelligent Mind

Adrian's mind was cunning and intelligent, it allowed him to think up strategies easily and to also plan a number of hypothesises on certain things that he took interest in, including this was the reason behind the only method of how Immortals could die: because Death loved his children but didn't want them strong enough to overthrow the undying Primordial Being.

Animal Language

Adrian could understand and communicate with animals, even convince them to do things and control them, using them as weapons or sometimes forming bonds with them. Adrian could speak to Dragons or even speak Parseltongue, he could communicate with Werewolves or even negotiate with Merpeople, he could even understand the ancient languages of Giants and Nagas.

Spell/Potion Creation

As a Son of Death, Adrian's first known ability with the use of magic was the creation of either spells or potions, inventing his own, he even invented new Dark Arts Spells or even created even stronger variations of some Dark Spells (e.g. Avada Kedavra Curse and its variant: Avada Kedavra Maxima).

Soul Manipulation

Soul Devouring

As a Son of Death, Adrian has one final ability that would strengthen his own power, an ability that only Demons and other Primordial Beings (like Death) can do. Similar to the Dementor's Kill, Adrian could inanimate his arm and stick it through an individual before drawing out their soul, Adrian would then go on to eat that person's soul. Adrian however, is very picky on who he will use this ability on. Other Immortals are immune.

Spiritual Torment

Children of Death can reach into a Magical Core and reach into the Soul where they get detailed information at the expense of tormenting the individual, they can even weaken the links between a Wizard's Magical Core and their Soul, causing the individual to have problems casting even the simplest of spells. Other Immortals are immune.

Magical Skills:

  • Near Magical Mastery - Adrian had near Magical Mastery although not on the level of Albus Dumbledore or Lord Voldemort, however his limits in Mastery were sometimes questioned and Kafele (discreetly) commented that Voldemort's powers paled to Adrian's own, since Adrian used a weaker wand. An example of this would be when Adrian grew angry when hearing of Dumbledore (whom has the Elder Wand, which Adrian claims to want as his own) attending the meeting and Adrian sends an unnamed spell (possibly a variant of the Banishing Charm or/could have been Tom Riddle's unidentified spell) against the Barrier (destroying it) which is made up of Protego Horribilis, Protego Maxima, Repello Inimigotum and Fianto Duri that had been also set up (fearing Voldemort's intrusion) and reinforced by Dumbledore himself.
  • Dark Arts - Adrian was quite capable in the Dark Arts and came to use even the Unforgivable Curses, he used other Dark Spells, Jinxes and Hexes with much proficiency. He could even control Fiendfyre, Adrian had impressive control of Fiendfyre to such an extent that he could summon a powerful Fiendfyre and control it while duelling three strong Wizards at once also while maintaining powerful Anti-Disapparition Jinx on the entire battlefield.
  • Curses - Adrian had massive mastery of Curses and used them with such success that Wizards could only dream of, casting even the Darker Curses like Fiendfyre and the Unforgivable Curses, killing and controlling many with the spells. Adrian seemed to be very capable at the Reductor Curse also, using it as a distraction to throw Albus Dumbledore off balance before following up with a Bombarda Charm which together (almost) defeated Dumbledore's duelling reflexes (causing him to loose balance when dodging), while duelling the High Ranked Wizard.
  • Hexes - Adrian could use a number of Hexes although not as successfully as Curses, Adrian's well known used Hexes would be Locomotor Wibbly Hex, the Verdimillious and Vermillious Hexes, Stinging Hex/Jinx and the Steleus Hex.
  • Charms - Similar to Curses, Adrian was very skilled in the use of Charms and used them regularly in battle, especially the Bombarda and Bombarda Maxima Charms. Adrian tended to use a number of charms including: the Memory Charm (Obliviate), Mending Charm (Reparo), Muggle-Repelling Charm (Repello Muggletum), Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum), Scouring Charm (Scourgify), Severing Charm (Diffindo), Shield Charm (Protego), unnamed Variants of the Shielding Charm, Silencing Charm (Silencio), Freezing Charm (Immobulus), Confundus Charm (Confundo), Disarming Charm (Expelliarmus), Unlocking Charm (Alohamora), Banishing Charm (Depulso), Hover Charm (Wingardium Leviosa), Summoning Charm (Accio), Tickling Charm (Rictusempra), the Unbreakable Charm and finally an unnamed Spell (that is believed to have been a variant of the Banishing Charm) that was used Wordlessly to destroy a Powerful Magical Barrier set up by Albus Dumbledore around a Auror/Order of the Phoenix Manor where a meeting was being held. Many of these Charms, including the Shielding Charm and its variants, were cast Wordlessly or even Wandless.
  • Jinxes - Adrian was quite skilled in the use of Jinxes even more so than Hexes but not more so than either Curses or Charms, Adrian was known to use Jinxes in battle to throw his enemies off track in their attacking him. A number of Jinxes said to have been used include: Anti-Disapparition Jinx (which he was rather skilled at), Backfiring Jinx, Cascading Jinx, Impediment Jinx (Impedimenta), Jelly-Legs Jinx, Knockback Jinx (Flipendo), Revulsion Jinx (Relashio) and the Ventus Jinx. Like many other spell categories, Adrian could cast these Jinxes Wandless or Wordlessly.
  • Transfiguration - Adrian was an Animagus that took the form of a Black Raven that sat on Voldemort's shoulder during private meetings of which he was "officially" uninvited. Adrian could also use Transfiguration on other beings, he was also interested in Dark Conjuration such as Magic Beast Summoning/Control and Demonology and their Summoning/Control.
  • Apparition - Adrian was easily capable of Disapparition and Apparition to and fro from one place to another, as a Son of Death, Anti-Apparition Jinxes and other defences don't stop Adrian from Apparition through the barriers, since death itself exists everywhere regardless of the defences arrayed against that end.
  • Exotic Dark Arts - Adrian had learned countless hidden Dark Arts including: Necromancy, Demonology and their Summoning/Control, Magic Beast Summoning/Control, Magic Clay Manipulation and Animation (allowing the creation of Golems, also known as "Sentinels"). Adrian also touched on Blood Magic.
  • Spell Creation - Adrian's inheritance has allowed him the capabilities of easily creating Spells, especially Dark or harmful Spells. Two known spells that he has created includes: Avada Kedavra Maxima and Petrificare, the second which he believes to have "recreated" and was a lost Dark Art. Along with Tom Riddle, Adrian took part in creating Morsmordre, therefore also in creating the Dark Mark.
  • Potioneer - Adrian was working on a Potion that allowed a Werewolf to retain its animal senses in Human Form and control their Werewolf form, allowing them to transform at any time but compulsory on the night of the full moon, allowing them control of their Werewolf form.
  • Occlumency and Legilimency - Adrian was a powerful Occlumens and Legilimens, he could block out people like Dumbledore and Bellatrix Lestrange, however Adrian maintained a powerful mental Legilimency Bond with Voldemort.
  • Duelling - Adrian was the strongest Duellist out of all the Death Eaters, skilled enough to be able to fight Albus Dumbledore and throw him off-guard, if briefly.


  • "You are too weak for me, old man! You mean nothing to me any more!!" (Adrian to Albus Dumbledore during their duel.)


  • The name "Adrian" is one of the words that simply mean "Dark One".

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