Adrian Claudiu Dumitru (born 8 October 1977) was a pure-blood Romanian wizard and popular singer who attended the Carpathian School of Magic from 1987 to 1997. He is the youngest child of Petru and Irina Dumitru (née Niță) and brother of Dragomir "Drago" Dumitru. Adrian proved to be the more accepting brother of the Dumitru family and completely demolished the pure-blood hierarchy that his elder brother had a hand in creating.

Adrian had a tough time growing up. As part of a pure-blood Romanian family, Adrian was expected to follow a certain code and behave a certain way. After witnessing what his elder brother did to those who didn't meet his expectations of what a wizard should be, Adrian became rebellious towards his family and was at odds with Drago over his institution of a "popularity hierarchy" within the school, even going so far as to becoming friends with Mateo Maximoff. After the near-death of his brother at the hands of Mateo, his elder brother changed his views and reconciled with Adrian. After Drago's graduation, the post of "paramount leader" naturally fell to Adrian, who slowly dismantled what was left of the popularity structure and started using his own popularity to influence the attitudes of other students to become more accepting.

After graduating from Carpathia, Adrian began a career as a singer, training under his cousin, Sandra Niță, who was a singer herself and performed under the stage name "Nitana". Adrian took the wizarding world by storm with the release of several hit singles, many of which became popular not just in Romania, but all over wizarding Europe and to a lesser extent, abroad. During this time, Adrian reconnected with Mateo and became the godfather of his second child; Natalia Maximoff, who was named after Adrian's sister-in-law, Natalia Romanova. In 2014, Adrian began mentoring aspiring young singer Lidia Cristea, who adopted the stage name Kamelia. During their time together, mutual feelings between the two grew and they entered into a relationship, with Lidia refusing to hear any objections from Adrian about their age difference.

The two staged their wedding in Lidia's hometown in February 2016. Adrian and Lidia's wedding was attended by many family members and friends, with the Best Man being Mateo Maximoff. On 21 August 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, Stefan Mateo Dumitru.

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