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Template:Object infobox2 Built in 345AD, Abbott Manor is the oldest Manor in Britain, and the ancestral home of The Abbott Family; it is located somewhere in the Welsh Marshes. The true extents of the Manor's grounds are unknown, but it is known that there is at least one hedge maze in the grounds.

It is unplottable, under a Fidelius Charm, with the current owner of the Manor being the Secret Keeper, and can only be accessed by Floo with a few exceptions for those who do know it's location. None of the Muggles can see the Manor, for it is hidden from sight; Muggles think the Manor's location is a toxic waste dump.

The current owner of the Manor is Henry Abbott who lives there with his wife Joan and their children


Before 1970s

The manor was built in 345AD, and has remained on the current site - and in the hands of the Abbott Family - ever since. While most other Manors fell in the 1920s and 1930s due to lack of Money, the owners of Abbott Manor have always married rich heiresses and allowed the Manor to survive, though none are shrewd or invest their money well, one member of the family losing £400,000 in 1920.

Nothing exceptionally special - except for a visit from Henry VIII in 1533, a visit from Edward VI in 1550, a visit from Elizabeth I in 1575 and a visit by Edward VII in 1910 - happened over the next 1569 year until the decleration of World War I in 1914 in which all but one of the eight sons - of whom the youngest was 18 - of Arnold and Bilianna Abbott were killed.

Their only surviving and youngest son, Edward, married and had a son, Hugh, in 1940; he married a woman called Susan in 1959, and in 1982, they seperated after having three children - a son, Henry, in 1960, a daughter, Annabelle in 1961, and a daughter, Rose, in 1962.

In 1942, the Manor was badly damaged when Spitfires bombed it. The damage was so bad that the entire West Wing of the Manor had to be rebuilt - the rebuild - along with protection charms - was finished in 1944 and Edward, who had gone off to war, survived, dying in 1950 and allowing Hugh to become the owner of the Manor.


In 1977, the eldest child and heir of Henry and his wife Joan - a son called Henry Abbott II - was born. A daughter, Annabelle, followed in 1978 and another daughter, Rose, followed in 1979; their last child, another girl, this time named Hannah, was born in 1980.

All of them had a happy childhood at the Manor with their parents, and all began Hogwarts at the age of 11.


Henry and Joan continued to reside in Abbott Manor while Hannah began attending Hogwarts in 1991; in 1991 the protective charms were still there and were still as strong as the day they were cast, though they were regularly updated every five years.

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