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Aaron Magnus

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Aaron Magnus is a wizard in the employ of the Ministry for Magic. He works for the Ministry as an Hit Wizard. He is highly trained wizard tasked with arresting dangerous criminals. He has five O.W.L.'s including Defecne Against the Dark Arts. Once accepted, Hit Wizards are taught defensive charms and counter-curses, and how to restrain criminals without attracting the attention of Muggles. He goes on extremely dangerous missions. This time most dangeruos of all.

Some time after he started working as a Hit Wizard, he met Harry Potter. Soon they became good friends and Harry told him how did he defeat Lord Voldemort. After Aaron find out that harry is in possession of Elder Wand he asked Harry to give it to him, because he will have more use of it. Harry wouldn't give it so Aaron challenged Harry for a duel. He easily beat Harry and gain in possession of Elder Wand.

He was in a small town. There was no living soul on the streets. In the dark around him he couldn't even see his wand. A moment later he heard a noise. He casted Lumos Maxima and what he saw was hundreds Inferi. He was terrified like never in his life. He casted a Fiendfyre which burned most of Inferi and the one that escaped ran into the darkness. He didn't want to chase them. He rushed to the Ministry for Magic.

As soon he came to the Ministry he rushed to the Auror office. Harry Potter was talking to his wife when he ran in to his office. When Harry stopped talking Magnus immediately put his wand to Harry's head and said "Legilimens". After few seconds he ended the spell and Harry shouted why did he do that, Magnus only said "Where can I find Neville Longbottom?".

Harry asked why, but Magnus didn't want to tell him. Harry eventually told him that Neville is a teacher Neville at Hogwarts. Harry asked again why does he want to know Neville's whereabouts but Magnus already left. He is going to Hogwarts.

There was nobody in the headmasters office when bright green light appeared. Magnus walked out of fireplace and looked around. After he saw that there was no one there he left to the Herbology classroom.

On his way to Neville he saw couple of prefects and Nearly Headless Nick.

When he finally came to Herbology classroom it was empty. For a moment he looked around, then when someone entered. It was Neville. He was holding a Mimbulus Mimbletonia. When he saw Magnus he dropped a plant on the floor and broke the vase.

"Wh..., wh..., who are you?" Neville asked.

Magnus raised his wand and said: "Reparo!" Vase immediately repaired itself. Then he said: "My name is Aaron Magnus, I work for the Ministry for Magic, a Hit Wizard."

"Hit..., Hit Wizard, can I help you?"

"Yes, you can."

"H..., how?" Neville was pretending to work.

"You are under suspect for using Dark Magic!

For a few seconds Nevill couldn't talk. "Wh..., Wh..., Wh...?"

Magnus said calmly: "Earlier tonight someone attacked me with hundreds of Inferi's and that can only be done with extremely Dark Magic! "

Neville asked: "H..., h..., how do you mean Dark Magic, I would never do something like that, for Merlin's sake I was in Hogwarts all night!"

Magnus smiled: "So you wouldn't mind if i check that?"

Neville was relieved. "Do what you need, I assure you, I have nothing to do with that."

"All right then..." He raised his wand and said: "Legilimens!"

Moment after, Neville get his consciousness back. He looked around and saw Magnus casting a spell on him. A silver rope came out his wand and wrapped around Neville's hands.

"Why are you doing this to me?!" Neville asked.

"You are under arrest for taking part in crime involving Dark Magic." Magnus said this with great pleasure while he watched Neville's face becoming pale.

Neville almost started to cry. "N..., no that cannot be true! No!"

"Well, it is... Off we go." Same moment Magnus raised his wand, Neville stood up.

Neville was trying to escape but he couldn't move. Magnus was controlling him like a puppet. "I didn't have anything to do with that. I assure you."

Magnus stopped and so did Neville. He asked: "Do you know what is the Resurrection Stone?"

Neville choked a bit. "N..., No I never heard of such thing."

They started to walk again.

"Stop lying..." Magnus said. "I looked in to your mind and what I saw says otherwise!"

"I don't know what are you talking about!"

Magnus looked right in the Neville's face and said: "You can tell that in Wizengamot."

Finaly they came to headmasters office. Magnus grabbed floo powder and throwed it into the fireplace. Neville tried to escape while Magnus wasn't looking but he couldn't move an inch. Magnus grabbed Neville and pushed him into the fireplace. He entered just after him. They are now going to the Ministry for Magic.

Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt was in his office when someone knocked on the door. "Come in." He said whit his slow, deep voice.

Magnus entered and sat opposite to the minister.

Kingsley was not happy to see Magnus, whenever Magnus came in his office he had some bad news or complain about the Aurors.

"What brought you here Magnus, another complain about Aurors."

"We will talk about that later, this time I came because I haw arrested a suspect linked to the Dark Magic."

Kingsley thought he would finally hear some good news. "Who?" He asked.

"Neville Longbottom." Magnus said it as slow as he can.

"Neville Longbottom!?" Kingsley got the same pale color that Neville got earlier.

"I want to have a trial for him." Magnus said it directly.

Kingsly was catching for the last straw. "Is this some sort of a joke, because if it is, its not funny!"

"No this is not a joke, Minister, can you arrange a trial, as soon as possible."

Kingsley was still in shock. "He would never..."

"That will trial decide." While Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt looked his back Magnus left Ministers office and head to Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

After few hours a trial started. KIngsley: "Disciplinary hearing of the 15th of September into offenses committed by Neville Longbottom, resident at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Interrogator: Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minister for Magic. Plaintiff: Aaron Magnus, head of Hit Wizard office. Respondent is charged with taking part in crime involving Dark Magic. Does respondent have anything to say."

Neville: "I'm not guilty."

Magnus: "Last night I was on a mission to find and arrest a certain pearson who was involved in killing three muggles. When I came to a town called Tavistock, I was attacked whit the biggest number of Inferi anyone ever saw! That can be only done with something very powerfull, very Dark. Do you have to do anything with that?"

Neville: "N..., No I don't."

Magnus: "When I found you in Hogwarts I looked in your mind and what I saw was you the possession of the Resurrection Stone!"

Neville: "That's a lye!"

Kingsley: "Memories can be changed, that is not a valid evidence..."

Magnus: "I'm aware of that, that's why I call Harry Potter!"

Harry entered wizengamot and sat on the chair next to Neville.

Kingsley: "What is the reason for this Magnus!"

Magnus: "This is why I suspected Mr. Longbottom for having the Stone."

Kingsley: "Keep going."

Magnus: "Mr. Potter, is it true that you were in the possession of the Resurrection Stone."

Harry: "Yes."

Magnus: "When exactly did you had it and where is it now?"

Harry: "I got it when I turned 17 and I lost it in that night when Voldemort was defeated."

Magnus: "How did you lose it?"

Harry: "I drop it on the ground in the Forbidden Forest."

Magus: "Was anyone else aware of that?"

Harry: "I believe not."

Magnus: "Last night when I came to your office after my mission, I looked in to your mind."

Harry: "I remember."

Magnus: "I saw that when you lost it you were under Invisibility cloak. Is that right?"

Harry: "Yes."

Magnus: "And no one saw you dropping you on the floor?"

Harry: "Yes!"

Magnus: "But that is not true. Mr. Longbottom saw you, did he."

Harry: "Wh..., wh..., I guess so."

Magnus: "He folowed you and saw you dropping it on he ground! He took it!"

Harry: "No..."

Kingsley: "Is that true!"

Neville: "Yes. I'm so sorry Harry, I was wondering where are you going and I saw it and took it... But I didn't have anything to do with attacking Magnus!"

Magnus: "Stop lying!"

Neville: "I'm not lying, five months ago I sold it."

Kingsley: "To who?"

Neville: "To Mundungus Fletcher!"

Kingsley: "Fletcher, that sneaky little bastard! He probably sold it to one that attacked you!"

Magnus: "Where is Fletcher now."

Neville: "I don't know. I didn't saw him ever since I sold it to him."

Kingsley: "All right then, Neville you are now cleared of all accusations and you may go free."

Magnus: "What? He can just go even he sold Darkest artifact to Fletcher!"

Kingsley: "He didn't know it was Resurrection Stone, so he is not guilty."

Kingsley: "We have to find Mundungos, Magnus you will be in charge of this case. I will assign you two Aurors..."

Magnus: "You have to be kidding me, I don't want any Auror, they would just slow me down, I will take my own men."

Kingsley: "Whatever you want..."

Trial ended and Neville returned to Hogwarts. Magnus went to his office where he called a meeting.

Magnus: "Tiberius, Gumboil you are coming whith me."

Gumboil: "What is an assignment?"

Magnus: "We are going to find Mundungos Fletcher."

There were three man in a dark house. One of them went to the middle of the living room and casted a spell. Nothing happened. They started walking deeper in the house. They walked in the sleeping room and what they saw was small, ugly looking man laying on the floor.

Magnus: "Bloody hell."

Tiberius: "I guess we won't get any information out of him."

Magnus: "This is not time for jokes Tiberius, man is dead, you don't want to be in his place, don't you!"

Tiberius: "I'm sorry Magnus..."

Magnus: "You two search the house for the Stone, I'm going to see the Minister."

Gumboil: "Why?"

Magnus: "Because, he is going to Azkaban."

Minister was in his office when, a pearson in a portrait told him that Magnus is coming. Magnus was rushing throught the corridors, and when he got to the Ministers door he didn't knock this time, he just opened the door and entered.

Kingsley: "No good news I suppose. I told you that you will not find Fletcher that easily."

Magnus: "Yes you told me that, but guess what I found him."

Kingsley: "Great, where is now, I want to talk to him."

Magnus: "There is one little problem, he is dead, killed to be precise."

Kingsley: "Oh, no... Do you know who killed him?"

Magnus: "I don't know for certain, but I have suspicions."

Kingley: "Who?"

Magnus: "I believe it was someone from Ministry itself."

Kingsley: "That is not possible, why would you think such thing?"

Magnus: "I would like to keep it to myself, if you don't mind."

Kingley: "No, no, do what you must."

Magnus: "That's why am I here. I think someone from Auror Office had to do something with it."

Kingsley: "I assure you Aaron, you are mistaken, there is no way Auror can do such thing."

Magnus: "There's were our opinions are different, I never believed any Auror, including you. So I'm going to say this directly, you are by now not longer a Minister, you may resign peacefully or not so peacefully."

Kingsley: "What! You have no right!"

Magnus: "Yes Shacklebolt, I have right. As a Head of Hit Wizard organization, I have right to dismiss any pearsonnel of Ministry for Magic if they are under suspicion. And you Shacklebolt are!"

Kingsley: "I will not allow you..."

Kingsley took out his wand.

Magnus: "You don't want to take out your wand Shacklebolt, it would be better if you just go with me."

After few seconds Kingsley put his wand down and went with Magnus.

Harry was reading Daily Prophet when he found out that Kingsley Shacklebolt is no longer a Minister and that his place was taken by former Hit Wizard Arnold Peasegood. Few seconds after Harry was already on his way to Aaron Magnus.

Harry: "You had to do something with this! Did you?!"

Magnus: "Yes, Harry I did it because Kingsley was a suspect in my current case."

Harry: "You mean he had something to do with Resurrection Stone, are you out of your mind!"

Magnus: "Listen Potter, first, you have no right to talk like that with me and second get out my office this instant."

Harry: "I thought we were friends, Aaron."

Magnus: "I guess, you were wrong, Harry."

Harry was furious, he left the office and went to see Ron.

Ron: "I never liked that bastard, he was suspicious to me from the day I met him."

Harry: "He used me, Ron, he only wanted the Elder Wand, I never should have mention it!"

Ron: "You never know with him, maybe you were under Imperius curse when you told him that."

Harry: "I guess, we will never know. I better go back to the office it's mess out there."

Ron: "Wait, some pearson told me to give this to you."

Harry: "Who?"

Ron: "I don't know, he just gave it to me."

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