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Biographical information

17th June, 1980

Blood status

Half-blood: 75%

Pureblood, 25%


Marital status


Also known as
  • King of Slytherin
  • King of Serpents
Physical information
  • Human, with Fey traits (formerly)
  • Dark Elf



6'2" (1.89 m)

Hair colour

Dark Brown

Eye colour

Cold Blue

Skin colour


Family information
Family members
Magical characteristics



13', Dark Oak, Black Phoenix feather




Dark Lord



  • House of Fionn
  • Durmstrang Institute
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Slytherin
  • House of Black
"I am not going to take shortcuts or the help of a deranged madman, I am going to reach the top my way."
—Aaron to Draco.

Aaron Fionn was a (born 17th June 1980) was a Half-blood Wizard and the only known son of Catherine Fionn, he grew up to become one of the most famous Wizards and most powerful Dark Wizards of all time, Aaron worked towards and succeeded in the activation of his Dark Fey genome.

He replaces Viktor Krum as the Champion for Durmstrang Institute despite his young age and alongside Harry Potter was the youngest to participate in the Triwizard Tournament, saving Harry from a Imperiused Cedric Diggory and escaping from Peter Pettigrew's Killing Curse, returning to help Harry against Voldemort.

Aaron refused Voldemort's offer of apprenticeship after impressing the Dark Lord with his usage of the Dark Arts, saying that instead he would "make his own way".


Birth and Childhood

Aaron Fionn was born in the very same year as Harry Potter and the first defeat of the Dark Lord of Britain: Lord Voldemort, from a young age he was not an ordinary child and his power and prodigious talent made him attractive to other Pureblood families that attempted to worm their way into a greater position of power and respect, despite this his parents always dismissed all marriage proposals and wished for Aaron to decide for himself when he was older.

Trained from a young age and prodigious at the art of magic itself, he was found to be ahead of his year from even the first day in his pre-Durmstrang preparatory magic school, his prodigious talent and skill keeping him a year ahead of his lessons and caused the teachers to give him extra lessons when he requested it.

Durmstrang Student

Aaron's learning curve did not end at his Preparatory Magic School, in Durmstrang he quickly ascended the years

Personality and traits

"I'm aware of a certain potential threat. But then someone once taught me a very smart way to eliminate threat: 'get someone else to do it for you'."
—Aaron to Draco.

Aaron was a powerful Dark Wizard who was well trained in the games of Pureblood Politics and the manipulation of those in power, he was proud of the great and powerful bloodline that he descended from and sought to return to the roots of his family magic and power, he had a great fear and respect for the power of the Fey while seeking to become like them.

More relevantly is how Aaron is portrayed as Magnetic, elusive, sexy and determined. He has an icy front however this makes him very misunderstood, that cool aloofness is just the surface of his complex nature. Below the surface of his cool exterior is a scorching and passionate fire.

Aaron is an emotional being, and he tends to take it to the limits. In fact he needs overkill in life to feel really alive. He also want approval, though he doesn't often verbalize that. Aaron gives one hundred percent of himself to those he loves, and expect the same, if not more, in return. There are definitely no half measures in his attitude to love. Aaron is also demanding of himself and others, but when he gives his heart to someone he is very loyal. He is committed to anything he does, including relationships. Aaron turns heads whenever he walks into a room: he is the strong, silent type, and has a magnetic aura. He has something that's hard to put your finger on but makes it nearly impossible for people to ignore him.

Determination is another of his key characteristics. People see him as insensitive to others' needs, even obsessive, because he pushes forward so single-mindedly. There are no half-measures in his life; in friendship, love, family life or work. He wants to be the best, and he won't let anything stand in the way. But on the plus side, he does like to share his successes with the people he took under his wing, whether they're family or friends. He isn't afraid of obstacles or challenges, whether they are something unavoidable or foes or competitors. In fact, he thrives on them, he loves trying to prove that no one can stop him. If someone tries to corner him or put him in a difficult situation, they'd better be prepared to give it their best shot, because Aaron won't give in until he wins, and his enemy is totally crushed in body, mind and spirit.

If that ruthless streak in his personality can't be satisfied straight away, he'll wait, patiently, until the proper time to seek revenge. Time is of no consequence to him when it comes to wreaking vengeance. Whether he's fulfilling his sensual appetites or his more noble aspirations, pleasure will always be a focus for him. He will want it all. Although not immune to brazen acts of cruelty or sadism, Aaron kept it simply to his enemies and never turned his wand onto his own followers and allies, in such terms he was totally unlike a certain insane Dark Lord.

Physical Appearance

River-Delfin-elite-model-management-male-model 4

Aaron physical examination.

Aaron Fionn has a young and powerful six pack body with broad shoulders from constant years of physical training and learning skills on magic duelling, he had tanned skin from living in Spain for most of his youth and from spending most of his time outside in the sun practicing training drills, Aaron was rather tall and stood at 1.89 meters tall which dwarfed many of his fellow Hogwarts students but was common among the students of Durmstrang.

Aaron has short Brown hair, and magnetically and seductively powerful Ice Blue eyes. He prefers to wear black trousers and shirt that are skintight rather than common robes, and if he must wear an outer robe he would do so over his preferred clothing. He preferred dress robes to traditional robes.

As with all Fey and their descendants, awakened and not, Aaron is very beautiful young man with physical attributes that would make anyone gain a obsessed or jealous demeanour. After awakening his Fey genes, Aaron gained more pointed ears, and a charismatic and magnetic beauty that any faction would want as a figurehead.


Aaron's wand

Aaron's want is three inches long and is made of Dark Oak, its wand core is a rare black phoenix feather from an Egyptian Bennu, a rare Egyptian breed of Phoenix that when its feathers are held can judge and punish those who tell lies.

Powers & abilities

Magical abilities and skills

Aaron was a very powerful and talented wizard and to be the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time; Even as a student, he was academically brilliant.

  • Magical Mastery - Aaron was a powerful Wizard and from a young age he had released outbursts of advanced magic from his being, so advanced that his mother had seen it in her best intentions to begin her son's education as soon as possible, she taught him how to use his magical abilities properly and the darkest spells that their family knew. One of his greatest magical talent was that, Aaron could cause a chain of magic between two wands, spells that would battle back and forth between the duellists in almost a chain-like function of two colors.
  • Dark Arts - Aaron was a skilled user of the Dark Arts and his learning curve was especially steep, his skill in the Dark Arts only in his fourth year was enough that Lord Voldemort offered apprenticeship to the young Dark Wizard, in a short amount of time he was predicted to reach or surpass Voldemort's own power in the Dark magics.
  • Duelling - Aaron was an exceptionally powerful and skilled Duellist - a trait that his Wand shared with its Master, for a brief time Aaron was able to hold his own against Voldemort only in his fourth year, and it was believed by his uncle Lucius Malfoy and Voldemort that he would only improve further with real life Duelling experience.
  • Potioneer - Aaron was said to be talented at the brewing of potions, he was mentioned as "uniquely talented" and "remarkable" by Severus Snape during his first year at Hogwarts, during his fifth year of magical learning. He could invent new potions.
  • Charms - Aaron was an incredible user of Charms and could, although not shield against a Killing Curse, but could instead redirect it away from his body via the usage of a spell he invented: Necem Admovere.
  • Apparition - Aaron was taught how to Apparate by his own family rather early on in his youth, although he is officially too young to own a license at that age, he has predictably become a master of its usage and was able to teleport around during a Duel.
  • Underage magic control - Aaron was able to Master his magic from a young age, he caused so many reality warping incidents that he had to remain on the family resort grounds in Spain where he was trained to keep his magic concealed, and how to channel it into casting actual spells.
  • Occlumency and Legilimency - As a member of the Pureblood Nobility, Aaron was taught masterly how to make usage of both Occlumency and Legilimency to learn information or shield one's mind, he was so skilled that neither Voldemort or Dumbledore were able to penetrate his mental barriers.
  • Transfiguration - Aaron was apparently talented at transfiguration and once punished someone for attempting to attack him via its usage, his full capabilities in the skill is unknown.
  • Spell creation - Aaron was talented at creating new spells, he invented the spell Necem Admovere, a Charm which is able to redirect any magical attack, including a Killing Curse.
  • Wandless and Nonverbal magic - From a young age, Aaron could easily perform wandless magic and often did acts of unintentional reality warping, by the time he reached Fourth Year in Durmstrang Institute he was capable of casting spells without verbal words too.

Fey attributes

Fey descendant attributes

As a descendant of a ancient and powerful Fey ancestry, Aaron has a number of unique characteristics, among them include:

  • Long levity - Descendants of Fey have a slightly lengthened lifespan.
  • Magical talent - Descendants of Fey have high level of magical skill, reserves and talent. They are also sensitive to acts of magic or emotion, often reacting harshly in turn (e.g. Harry's temper).
  • Beauty - Descendants of Fey are naturally beautiful.
  • Pureblood reactivity - A child descendant of a Squib of a former Pureblood line descended from a Fey, should its other parent be from the pureblood line, would be born with untainted blood.

Fey-Human Hybrid attributes

Eventually, Aaron learned a method of enhancing his Fey gene and allowing it to awaken, he gained a number of attributes such as:

  • Immortality - Aaron could potentially live forever, and only ever needs the minimum oxygen, food and sleep. Additionally, he is unaffected by illnesses, diseases, poisons and love potions.
  • Increased Durability - As half-Fey, Aaron is capable of enduring far more than a normal Wizard or human.
  • Healing factor - As half-Fey, Aaron has an enhanced Healing factor where even having his throat slit with a knife, would be incapable of killing him. Wounds performed with magic also healed, but often less successfully, e.g. a throat slit with magic would kill him.

Shared attributes

  • Multilingual - Due to his Fey ancestry, Aaron has a talent at learning languages and understanding them, Aaron can understand and speak all the European languages and can understand Parseltongue but cannot speak it.
  • Perfect senses - Due to his Fey ancestry, Aaron has no impaired senses and upon becoming a Hybrid are only enhanced, Aaron does admit that this trait has been rumored to alternately take effect in puberty depending upon the circumstances of the Fey descendant's birth.


  • Aaron is an english male name that means "Enlightened".
  • Fionn is an Gaelic word meaning "white/bright/fair".

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